FREEBIE! Auditory Bombardment Homework

Phonology therapy is absolutely one of my favorites. I usually start the year off by being known as "Miss Tawen, the Peech Teacher", and by the END of year, it's Miss Karen, and yes, you're in SPeech therapy. One of my other favorite quotes? "Miss Tawen, why do I doe to peech?" I see SO much progress with my kids using a cycles approach (check out Barbara Hodson's books if you want to learn more!) I usually use minimal pairs, and sending home practice words along with auditory bombardment lists has been huge. I've seen a lot of growth in so many kiddos. I made this product to target cluster reduction of /s/ blends (intial /sn/, /sm/, /sk/, /sp/, /st/, /sw/) . Each page contains parent instructions. Oh, and by the way, there really isn't a reason NOT to download it. It's a FREEBIE, so please snag it! I'd just really appreciate it if you stopped by my store and followed me! More products (including phonology materials) are in the works! :)
To Make this product, I used the following copyright material: Fonts: Teaches Third In Georgia Border/ Frame: Mrs. Orman’s Classroom

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