Halloween is almost here!!! (Kind of)

Sooo I decided I needed to create a halloween- themed product. I always create my products based on what I need to use in therapy. I cover at a charter school one time a week. I currently have a grad student with me. She is pretty awesome and it's so much fun watching her develop her skills as a clinician! Anyways, we were working with a group of students and because we are a wee bit low on materials over there, I pulled out this vocabulary game which may or may not have been produced in the 70s. A few of the kiddos had idioms goals. As my grad student clinician worked with the group, she said aloud, "Wow. Yeah, I don't even know what some of these mean." Well, yikes. I took a look at the cards, and she wasn't lying. Some of those idiom cards were no longer relevant. Thank you, figurative language. Idioms cards needed. Check. So I created some. Oh, and you know, Halloween is only like, 6 weeks away. It's my favorite holiday, so I gave my product a halloween theme. Trick Or Treat Idioms, at your service. You can purchase this product at my TPT store (the Pedi Speechie). (This isn't speech therapy related but yes, I already have a costume. I'm going to be Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park, my husband will be Alan Grant, and our beagle-mix will be a raptor. Duh. Pictures coming.)

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