Idiom Worksheets

Here is a secret. As an SLP, you can NEVER have too many many materials for idioms. Although I primarily work with elementary aged students (or a lot younger in the outpatient setting), I used to work in the middle school setting. I was in desperate need for materials then, and created these fun worksheets to help my students meet their figurative language goals. It's most appropriate for late elementary- middle school aged students. My middle school students really have always thought these were fun! I think the fact that a definition and scenario are provided for each idiom is "the icing on the cake". I put a lot of "blood, sweat, and tears" into this one, so enjoy! (Okay, sorry, I'll stop now). Anyways, you can purchase Idiom Match worksheets at my TPT store by clicking here.
As always, I need to give some Copyright Shout Outs! :) Fonts copyright: Teaches Third In Georgia Clipart copyright: Teachers Resource Force Border/ frame copyright: Tracee Orman

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