Toaster Fun

If you're reading this blog and looking at this picture and you aren't an SLP, you're thinking- "...It's a toaster." If you're a pediatric SLP and looking at this picture, your mind is swimming with the possibilities! I picked up this amazing toy from Wal-Mart for around $5. It's been very motivating for a lot of my kids. I use this toaster to work on sequencing skills (First... put the bread in. Next, push down the lever. Last... turn the dial. Wait... POP!"), requesting skills (I model the signs as I say the words- "more bread", "want bread", "I want bread"), following basic directions, building mean length of utterance from "bread" to "more bread",etc. It's also a toy to utilize some of those early language modeling strategies- talking about what you or the child is doing. "Mmm! We're making toast! We need some bread. Let's put the bread IN the toaster. We're putting the bread IN the toaster." You can also work on labeling verb tenses (We WILL MAKE toast. We're MAKING toast. Look! We MADE toast!"). Play is SO important when developing language skills. Remember, have fun, and model, model, model!

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