Using A Slide In Speech Therapy

I'm so lucky to be able to work at a clinic that has speech, PT, and OT. I really learn a lot from my colleagues! When I can, I like to include a fun "movement" activity into my session. This slide is perfect for that. Here are just a few ways I might use the slide in my speech therapy session: Language Ideas: I love to use the slide for requesting. My patients are allowed to request using whatever mode of communication works for best them. Some of my kiddos will sign "slide", "more slide", "want slide", etc. Others can use vocalization, or point to a picture visual on a communication board. I've also used low- mid tech AAC (our clinic has a tech talk). Check out if you need to learn a few of the most common signs. You can introduce basic prepositions using a slide (up, down, on, off) and even more advanced prepositions by hiding pictures or toys beneath or under the slide. Speech Ideas: For a few of my kiddos with apraxia of speech or highly unintelligible speech, the slide is a great way to work on some basic vowel- consonant or consonant- vowel combinations (i.e."up", "weee", "mo"- more approximation). I also place articulation word cards at the bottom the slide. The child can use the word in a phrase, sentence, etc. after going down the slide.

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