Make a Sentence About The Picture! (with super cute, cuddly animals)

Alright, so I'm a little attached to my dog. I'm about to dedicate an entire blog post to him. Well, ALMOST all to him. It's just... when I look at that picture, I can almost forget about the time he dug up the carpet...or when he dug through dry wall... or the the fact that the night we got him he destroyed his crate and tore up the bathroom rug. Luckily, he gives LOTS of kisses and enjoys cuddling almost as much as he enjoys treats. Sometimes I will have kiddos in therapy who don't want to be there or cooperate for different reasons. Maybe they're shy, maybe they didn't want to exit their classroom at that moment, maybe their sibling is playing with the IPAD in the waiting room... well, you get it. The list goes on and on. I've found that talking about my dog can immediately change the whole tune of the session. All of the sudden, my kiddos will become engaged and want to learn more about my dog. They all ask in general confusion/ interest: "You named him Moo? But isn't that what a cow says?" Yes, and yes. It gets even better when I show off pictures of my dog. Now, you can do the same thing, AND work on forming grammatically correct sentences at the same time. Yes, it is possible. All you need to do is click here to purchase this product at my TPT Store (The Pedi Speechie). Make sure to check out the preview below, and ENJOY!
COPYRIGHTS: Fonts: Maple Fonts, Created by Robyn Hyndman Border: Mrs. Orman’s Classroom, The animal photographs used in this document are my own. And yes, I named my dog Moo.

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