Ready, Set, Grammar! Noun-verb Agreement + Verb Tense

I'm just ecstatic about this one!!! Seriously, you need to check it out. I made this product because I have SO. MANY. KIDS. who are working on these goals. I bet you do, too! It's colorful and fun, and includes not one, but TWO board games! This material works on: Noun- verb agreement fill in cards :“is/are”, “was/ were”, “has/ have” Example: “She ______ (is/ are) dancing.” “She ____ (was/ were) drawing a picture.” Includes 44 total cards Present Tense, Past Tense, and Future Tense Verb Fill-in-the Sentence (i.e. “Yesterday, she _____. Today, she ______. Tomorrow, she ______ _______.” VERB: DANCE). Includes 19 total cards, using both regular and irregular verbs. Interested? You can purchase it here at my TPT Store (The-Pedi-Speechie). Be sure to take a look at the previews below.
Thanks/ Shout outs/ Copyrights Info: Clip art provided by by Rebekah A. Brock Fonts: Border/ Frame: A Sketchy Guy http://www/

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