Therapy Quick Snap: "Making Good Choices" Social Story

I am working with one child on understanding why it isn't nice to hit, push, kick, or tease others. I made this social story today using Boardmaker. We read the story during our session. I explained some things that are not okay to do, and then we discussed why these things were not okay.
It was helpful then to complete my worksheet that I created to go along with the story ("Making Good Choices"):
We went through each question. When the answer was "bad choice", we referred back to the story to discuss all of the reasons why this was a bad choice. We also talked about how we feel when others are not nice to us. We both agreed that we don't like to feel sad, so it's important not to be mean to others and make them feel sad. Next, I will be working on a short social story for not interrupting grown-ups when they are talking. Keep on speechin'! Leave any of your favorite social story/ social skills therapy ideas in the comments below!

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