Year Round Language Calendar

How often do you say to yourself, "I wish I'd had time to copy homework?" Between the endless IEP meetings, testing, paperwork, copying materials, oh, and actually providing therapy- maybe you don't always have time to get homework folders together. I promised myself I would be more organized this school year. I cover one day per week at an elementary school. My other days are spent working in an outpatient setting. It's my goal to provide carry over ideas for every child I see. It's easier in an outpatient setting where I can discuss the session with the parent and explain what we're working on, and how to work on this at home. A lot of times, the parent is able to observe or participate in the session, especially with the younger kiddos. In the school setting, this may not be so easy. In my attempt to get together "Speech Folders", I decided a calendar would be a GREAT starting point for all of my language kids. I took a look at their IEP goals, and decided on the best areas to target. I decided to include: Idioms Synonyms Antonyms Plurals Pronouns Answering basic Wh-questions Following 2-3 step verbal directions If you're interested in purchasing this product, just click here.

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