Thursday, October 9, 2014

It's Magic! The MEGA No Prep Articulation Toolkit

Oh. My. Gosh.
You don't EVEN know how ecstatic I am about this new product.

That's because it took around 70 hours to make, and I now have a product I get to use absolutely EVERY day in therapy. I always make products based on what I need to be an efficient therapist. I was finding it hard when some of my vocalic /r/ cards were in one location, some of my /s/ blend cards in my other office... you get the idea. I needed an articulation binder that had it ALL.
I mean, EVERYTHING... EVERY. SINGLE. SOUND. Even the tricky ones, like /s/ blends (and not just in the initial position) and consonant sequences (like "SPR" and "SPL"). This kit has EVERYTHING, I can't stress that enough. Here are ALL of the sounds this product includes: /b/: initial, medial, final /p/: initial, medial, final /t/: initial, medial, final /d/: initial, medial, final /f/: initial, medial, final /v/: initial, medial, final /th/: voiceless initial, medial, final /th/: voiced, initial, medial, final /k/: initial, medial, final /kw/: initial /g/: initial, medial, final /sh/: initial, medial, final /j/: initial, medial, final /zh/: medial/ final positions (1 page with 6 total cards) /n/: initial, medial, final /nd/: medial /m/: initial, medial, final /w/: initial /y/: initial /s/: initial, medial, final Initial /s/ blends: st, sp, sk, sn, sm, sw, sl, str, skr, spr, spl Medial /s/ blends: st, sp, sk Final /s/ blends: st, sp, sk, ts Prevocalic /r/ Vocalic /r/: air (initial, medial, final); or (initial, medial, final); ire (initial, medial, final); ear (initial, medial, final); air (initial, medial, final); er (initial, medial, final); rl (final) /r/ blends, initial position: pr, br, tr, dr, kr, gr /l/: initial, medial, final Initial /l/ blends: pl, bl, gl
Naturally, I didn't stop there. This packet also has:
-1 open-ended parent letter for speech homework -1 “Speech Therapy Magician Award” for positive reinforcement/ student motivation -1 Magical Game Board -3 open- ended Magical Tic- Tac- Toe Boards for word/ phrase/ sentence level practice -1 open- ended “Write About Your Own Magic Show” paragraph prompt to practice speech skills in structured carryover tasks -1 open-ended “Roll the Dice” Articulation game
TA-DAH! It's the all-you-need, absolutely EVERYTHING included articulation toolkit. You can purchase it at my TPT store by clicking here.
Oh, and did I mention there is absolutely NO PREP involved? Simply print and go, or print as you need, and just keep on speechin'.

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