Therapy Quick Snap: WH Question Bingo Created By The Speechstress!

If you're like me, you probably have a good number of kiddos on your caseload who have trouble answering WH-questions. I do have some materials to target this, but really needed to freshen things up! I'm so excited that I get the chance to review this wonderful product created by The Speechstress.
This kit includes Who, What, Where, When, Why & How question cards and boards. It also includes some very colorful bingo chips (or "tokens!" as my kiddo liked to call them). Today, I targeted answering "how" questions.

What I really LOVED about these questions? They were RELEVANT! These are questions that the child might be asked during his or her daily routine. The visuals were fantastic. I was able to offer a field of 2-4 choices and point to the pictures to provide even more assistance. My kiddo was very engaged by this product and kept saying, "Okay, let's get more tokens!"
I am storing my cards by simply placing them in ziplock sandwich bags. Nothing too fancy, I know, but it works!

Interested in purchasing this product? I forgot to add that the price is EXTREMELY reasonable. If you're in need of Wh-question materials, you MUST stop by her TPT Store (The Speechstress) by clicking here. Also, you can like her on Facebook and check out her blog over at: !

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