This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

As you know, kids say the CUTEST things.
I just put up my newest product the other night, and I'm SUPER excited with it. This kit includes describing worksheets and word relationships worksheets, with super cute animals! I tried it with one of my patients, and he was so motivated, he said: "Can we do this again next week?" (I'm not making this up, I promise!)
My amazing colleague and fellow SLP Becca agreed to try out this product in her therapy room as well. We just weren't expecting such an AWESOME answer for his fun fact:

Here is an example of the word relationships worksheet they also filled out:

Her student is a non-reader and had goals to target answering wh-questions and answering yes/ no questions. She simply modified this page by asking yes/no and wh-questions about the parrot using the vocabulary provided.
It's such a fun activity, don't forget to check it out at my TPT Store!
By the way, I MUST give credit where credit is due! I certainly didn't draw that cute clip art myself. Copyright information: Copyrights: Fonts: Maple Fonts, Graphics/ Clip Art: Very Busy Teachers, Border/ Frame: The 3am teacher,
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