Is 7 Your Lucky Number???

Is 7 Your Lucky Number?
If you're an SLP, then the answer is: YES!!!
There are SO many amazing SLP TPT Sellers participating in the sale this month (11/7/14), it's ridiculous.
Seriously, you HAVE to check out all of the amazing stores that are participating. Luckily, Speech Room Style has you covered- you can just click here to get the list!
I am SO excited to share that I will be participating again this month, and the deal I have going on is unreal.
My "It's Magic! The Mega No Prep Articulation Toolkit" is 50% off for ONE. DAY. ONLY.
Yes, that's right. EVERY. SINGLE. SOUND. that a speechie might need, and it is SUPER CHEAP (11/7/14 only!) It took me over 70 hours to make this product, and it has everything from /s/ blends to vocalic /r/ at the word, phrase, and sentence level.
Just click here to access this amazing deal.
Seriously, y'all. Don't miss this. Happy Friday, and keep on speechin'.

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