It's Friday! Here's What I Did This Week

After a productive but exhausting SLP-filled week, I am in need of some relaxation! I've decided to treat myself to a massage this weekend, YES! (Actually, my husband got a gift card at work and I was the lucky recipient since he has absolutely no interest in getting massages). Here's my week in pictures:
I woke up to this winter wonderland on Monday. Beautiful, but WAY too cold, and it's FAR too early in the year for this. Also, this created confusion for my speech/ language kiddos. During one therapy session, I said, "I won't get to see you next week because of Thanksgiving!" She looked at me with a very serious expression and said, "Thanksgiving? But it's snowing outside." I agreed that it was, and told her, "Yes, the snow came early this year." She then smiled and said, "So does this mean Christmas comes early, too?" Well...
My colleague shared this amazing resource with me. It's a really great resource for the SLP, and has EVERY sound in it you could need! Make sure to check it out.
Another wonderful thing that happened this week... my husband gave the dog a bath, and Moo now smells like an oatmeal cookie.
One of my students who really doesn't do well sitting at a table had a BLAST working on verbs. I improvised by grabbing some foam dice, and writing some irregular verbs on the board along with points that could be earned for hitting the target. He then was allowed to throw the dice on the board, and use the irregular verbs in the past tense "Thanksgiving"- themed sentences. He won, in case you were wondering.
I then created this super fun fluency packet, which you can purchase here. I mean honestly, check out my superb rhyming skills:
That's right, I wrote about the "loo".
Last but not least, be sure to head on over to The Speech Space, because she has some amazing links for SLP resources posted!

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