What's In Your Cart? {Linky Party- Speech Room News}

It's that time again! I'm looking forward to saving lots of money on great materials during the Cyber Monday TPT Sale!
Jenna from Speech Room News is hosting a linky party so that you can see what all of the SLP bloggers/ TPT Sellers a) recommend from their stores and b) have on their "to buy" list. Check it out here.
Check these out products from my store...
1. My U.S. History-Themed Carryover Articulation Packet. It's perfect for your upper elementary/ middle school students, and can be a great way to incorporate Social Studies/ History curriculum topics in your therapy session! This packet is no prep and low ink.

2. My Speech and Language Seasonal and Holiday Bundle. This bundle contains ALL of my seasonal products at a 15% discount normally... but during the sale, you'll snag this bundle for even less!

3. My You-Can Social Skills packet- another no prep, low ink product that targets a variety of social skills topics!

Check out these products that are in my cart...
1. This Winter Language Fun Pack by the Speech Space looks fantastic. It targets a variety of areas, including vocabulary, grammar, and Wh-questions. My kids would love this!

2. Speech to the Core created this super-cute looking Book Companion for Doggone Dogs!

3. Speech Wonderland's Take & Go Winter Listening to Details. This packet looks like it will be so helpful for my students!

Enjoy your shopping, and remember to stop back at Speech Room News to check out more carts!

5 Things You Didn't Know About This SLP {Linky Party Hosted By The Speech Space}

The Speech Space is hosting this fabulous linky party {read more here}.
I'm so excited to share 5 things you (probably) didn't know about me.

1. I'm from Ohio (born and raised) but went to Texas (University of North Texas, to be exact) for grad school. The reason? I needed a warm winter. Just one. Just... one....

2 & 3. I am a super nerd. Super. Nerd. I have a huge obsession with medieval history, and have a room in my house that is medieval-history themed. It includes a sword (yes, a legit sword) and a tapestry. We are about to renovate this room and I'm PUMPED. Pictures coming soon.

4. Back to the nerd thing. We are OBSESSED with Game of Thrones (the show and the books)...

(Winter is coming...)
...and I have a huge obsession with the Wars of the Roses, which I think resembles some of the drama in Game of Thrones.

5. Last but not least, we take holidays very seriously in my house. VERY. Seriously.

I'm so glad you stopped by. You now know what a HUGE nerd I am, so it's only fitting that you should enter my giveaway for one of my history-themed articulation packets.

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Speech Therapy Thanksgiving

It's almost time to gobble up all that turkey, but before that happens, I'd love to let you take a peek at what I've been up to in my speech room!
First of all, I'm hoping that you didn't miss the Turkey Talk Blog Hop. I teamed up with Speechasaurus, The Speech Attic, and Speech Wonderland to provide you with some wonderful Turkey Day freebies!
You can start the blog hop here.

My students were loving it this week, and it was so nice to have ready-to-go materials for so many of my sessions.
I do have to mention one conversation I had with a student. I told her we were going to read a story about a turkey named Toby. Without hesitation, my student asked, "Did Toby get eaten?"
It's just not that kind of story.
The next thing we're doing in my speech room?
I'm heading into the classroom to do a group language lesson.
I love doing a "Follow the Directions" activity with these kiddos- either a snacktivity or a craftivity.
Since last week made Apple Slice & Pretzel Turkeys (source: meaningfulmama.com), it's time for a craft.
It's essential that I have already cut out all of the pieces in order to fit in every activity.

We are making Construction Paper Turkeys this week. I just came up with it based off of materials I already had leftover in my room (hey, it's almost break ;-)!)

My kiddos really benefit from visually-supported directions. I created a page to go along with this activity. You can download it for free here. I'd love it if you left me some feedback!

I included signs for my non-verbal students who are working on understanding and using core vocabulary.
I had this super nerdy bulletin board/ student work display idea to go along with this craft...
After completing any activity in my classroom lessons, I love to follow it up by describing whatever we made with the Expanding Expression Toolkit. This was created by Sara L. Smith, SLP. Please make sure to check it out- it is amazing and provides multi-sensory support. I recently had the chance to hear her speak, and I'm so glad I did.
So anyways, back to the bulletin board idea...

Get it? EET turkey? ;-) Okay, sometimes the nerd in me just can't be contained.

You'll also want to be sure to check out my Thanksgiving Speech and Language packet.
It is low ink and no prep, and covers a TON of areas.
This product includes:
  • (1) Pumpkin Pie Articulation (open- ended coloring articulation worksheet)
  • (1)Grab-a-Pencil Pilgrim: Writing Sentences With Target Words worksheet
  • (2) Pens and Pilgrims: Finish the sentence
  • (1) Pilgrim Hat Conjunctions (choose the correct conjunction for each sentence)
  • (1) Following Instructions & Feasting worksheet
  • (1) Pass the Gravy- Fun Facts about Thanksgiving (use with Wampanoag & Wh- Questions)
  • (1) Wampanoag & Wh- Questions worksheet (*use after reading “fun facts”)
  • (1) Mayflower Synonyms worksheet
  • (1) Canoes & Antonyms worksheet
  • (1) Corn Categories worksheet
  • (1) “Put-it-Together Pilgrim”: “What Goes Together?” worksheet
  • (1) A Helping of Social Skills (respond to the comments or questions appropriately)

If you're still looking for more "fall" fun in your room, we've also been using my Fall-themed Following Directions Worksheets. These have been a hit, because they are designed so that you can work on very basic to very complex directions.

This packet includes the following worksheets:
  • Basic One Step Directions
  • Temporal (Before, After, Then, At the Same Time)
  • Inclusion (All, And, All but One)
  • Sequence (First, Second, Middle, Last)
  • Location (Top, Bottom, Between, Next to)
  • Multi-step (Basic & Complex)

Hopefully I provided you with some fun ideas and let you know about some materials to use in your speech therapy room.
Happy Holidays!

Speech Therapy Oops! {SmartmouthSLP}

This week, Heidi from SmartmouthSLP shares her #speechtherapyoops with you- and it's AWESOME. Take it away, Heidi....

My OOPS moment…
Heidi Britz (SmartmouthSLP)

Hello!  I’m Heidi Britz from SmartmouthSLP and I am very excited/embarrassed to share my “oops” moment with the world on The Pedi Speechie’s fabulous blog!  I am into my 20-something year as a SLP, but I still have those oops moments.  I laugh at myself and learn from them, that’s the best I can do!

My OOPS moment came several years ago in my school.  I was excited and nervous to be observed by our Teacher of the Year committee.  I planned my group activity for a bunch of second grade students with speech and language disorders.  I carefully aligned the lesson plan to the classroom curriculum and my focus was to target decoding, blending and defining the vocabulary words in context from the language arts story they were reading.

I thought I was being smart by sorting all the letters out prior to the lesson to make sure that no inadvertent naughty words could be sounded out.  I have two boys of my own, so you never know!!  Confident that this potential crisis was averted, I set up the chairs for the observation the night before and left my room with a smile on my face.

The next day the committee of 5 administrators filed in quietly to my small room and took a seat to watch my group.  I had prepped my kids prior to the observation and promised really good candy if they did their best and behaved the way I knew they could. I was not above bribery at this point.  Our Assistant Principal at the time was also a SLP, so I knew at least he would really understand all the moving pieces of my lesson: vocabulary, speech sound production, answering wh questions, decoding and blending, making predictions, context clues, even if no one else on the committee did.

The lesson started smoothly and although I knew my face was flushed from my nervousness, the kids were doing great until my “well planned” blending piece fell apart. One of the boys took his turn and sounded out the letters in front of him.  I had even posted picture cues on the board behind me to give them a vocabulary bank to use.  His sweet voice then blended the sounds into a word that was not a choice (or even possible to make with the letters in front of him)….”  S..T..I…R…..T*TS!”

I didn’t respond, so he said it again.  Time stopped and I saw my AP turn his head, trying not to laugh out loud.  I was mortified!!  I composed my shocked face and my three ring circus moved along with a strong, “Stir, the word is stir, as in stir the soup. Good try!  Okay, who’s next?”  I swallowed hard and tried not to cry.

Needless to say, I didn’t win Teacher of the Year that year (but I did the following year). Other than my AP who poked a bit of fun at me over the STIR incident, no one else seemed to catch what happened! It is still one of my favorite and most cringe worthy memories!  Sometimes you can’t be prepared for what life throws at you no matter how carefully you plan, and that’s a lesson that we all learn as SLPs!

Do you need more oops in your life? Check more out here

Turkey Talk Blog Hop

The holidays are quickly approaching, and I can't stop thinking to myself: "Where has the school year gone?!" It's seriously FLYING by.

A group of my blogging friends and I got together and decided we wanted to help our fellow SLPs celebrate Thanksgiving the best way we know how: by saying THANK YOU with a freebie. We are so thankful for all of you!

Not just one freebie, mind you.
We know how fun it is using books and stories in therapy, so we thought: let's make a book companion!

This is not just ANY book companion.
The story of Toby the Turkey was written by yours truly. You can snag that part here at my TPT store but make sure to read the rest of this post first!!! It's important.

Check out this sample page... I know what you're thinking. "This story looks amazing. I NEED to keep reading. What's going to happen to Toby? Why isn't he thankful?"

You now know how to download this free and incredible story, but that's like only eating the turkey on Thanksgiving and forgetting about the mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. So not okay.
You still need to collect the COMPANION parts of this beautifully-written turkey tale, so you'll need to head to the Speech Attic's blog to grab the comprehension/ WH-questions!
She'll fill you in on how to snag the part after hers.

Oh, and by the way...please leave us some love on TPT after downloading each freebie, and don't forget to pass the gravy and SPREAD THE WORD!

Speech Therapy Oops! {Talkin' with Twang}

Hi everyone!  I'm Kristin from Talkin' with Twang. I have absolutely loved reading the speech therapy...oops posts here at The Pedi Speechie.  There's just something comforting about knowing that I'm not the only one who has had those oops moments during speech.  Even some seasoned SLPs have had a moment where they said, "Oops!" Today, I get to share one of my speech therapy "oops" moments with you.

Now, let me preface by saying that I am far from being a seasoned SLP.  I just completed my graduate program this past August and I am about twelve weeks into my CFY as I write this.  Needless to say, I have had quite a few "oops" moments so far, and I expect to have many more over the coming years.  But I do try to learn from my "oops" moments and try not to repeat them!

After thinking back on the past 2 years, I decided to share the "oops" session that went all wrong on a day I was being observed by my grad school professor.  It all started with my lesson planning...

It was the spring of my second year of grad school and I had been eagerly awaiting my site visit from my practicum professor.  Overall, things were going great in my speech sessions, my paperwork was organized and I had thorough lesson plans and awesome reviews from my mentor SLP.  I was ready for my site visit, so I could show my professor how awesome things were going.  I prepped for the day like I usually do...by planning out a fun activity with very detailed lesson plans.  The problem started when I decided to use a brand new activity that day.  Rookie mistake #1: Don't plan an activity you have never done before on a day you are getting evaluated!

I was working with a mixed group of language and artic kiddos and I thought this activity would be a great way to incorporate all the goals at once.  The problem was, it took forever to explain to the students how the game would go and we did not get very many trials into our 30 minutes at all!  It completely bombed!  The kids thought it was boring, I wasted valuable time explaining how to play the game, and it did not allow for many trials of each target.  This all went down with my grad school professor and my supervising SLP sitting right there watching the entire session.  Oops!

To top it all off, one of the artic kids in the group had been working on /th/ words and was previously hovering just under mastery level for accuracy.  During this session, every /th/ he said was perfect, but I was not prepared to collect data on his productions this session.  Rookie mistake #2: Always be ready to collect some form of data.  I could have done a quick baseline before the activity and then moved him up a level for the session.  Instead, I continued to drill him at the word level, which he was performing 100% at this session!  Oops!

When the session was over and the students had returned to class, I was able to spend some time discussing the session with my professor.  She was very understanding and my supervisor was kind enough to let her know that my sessions normally went much better than this one did.  I was able to get some constructive feedback to help me during future sessions and it ended up being a great learning moment for me.  Lesson learned:  Do not plan brand new activities for evaluation days!

Thanks for reading about my Speech Therapy...Oops moment and thank you to Karen here at The Pedi Speechie for allowing me to share.  :-) Kristin

Can't get enough OOPS? Read more here.

Be sure to check back next week! Another #speechtherapyoops is on the way!

Speech Therapy Oops! {Short and Sweet Speech}

This week, Sarah over at Short and Sweet Speech is going to share her #speechtherapyoops with you!

"Hey y'all! I'm Sarah from Short and Sweet Speech and in the spirit of "Oops!" I forgot to send my post on time! So, first, I'd like to apologize for my tardiness during this busy time of year. Now for the real "Oops!" Let me start with a little background.. My entire life up until my senior year of college, I had an imperfect smile. Genetics had left me with gaps between my 6 front teeth. Not huge, gaps, but enough to make a girl a little self-conscious. My senior year of college I decided to finally talk to my dentist about changing this. After weighing all of the options and looking at my unique situation, we decided two bridges of crowns to go over my six front teeth were the best option. I went in, had a little laughing gas and came out with a beautiful new smile. It changed my entire face. Truly. There was one problem though.. With these gorgeous new pearly whites, I started having dreams (nightmares) about them falling out/breaking off as soon as I got them. These were the kind of nightmares where you're thinking "This HAS to be a dream right?! Why can't I wake up?! WAKE UP!" but the teeth just keep falling out and you can't wake up. I've had these beauties for 5 years now and I still have these dreams. So why am I telling you my dental history?

Fast forward to about a month ago. I'm in my last session of a 13 session day. (I work in private practice.) I'm working with one of my kiddos that is known to run and requires physical assistance in all transitions. It's the end of the day and I'm starving because lunch was 9 sessions ago and I hadn't stopped since. So, as we're transitioning from the therapy gym to our therapy room, we pass the beloved treat box. I decided to grab a Laffy Taffy (because that's a reasonable, healthy snack for any adult that's ravenous at the end of the day.) I'm helping my kiddo put his shoes back on, unwrapping the Laffy Taffy, and trying to put my shoes on at the same time. (Very sanitary eating conditions, right?) As soon as I get it out of the wrapper, I pop it into my mouth. I bite down once and I'm so happy to just have something to eat despite its nutritional value (or lack thereof.) Well, on the second chew, I notice it feels funny and think I may have gotten a piece that is old and has hardened. So, I spit the Laffy Taffy into my free hand while my other hand is holding onto my kiddo. And THERE. IT. IS. My nightmare is coming true. Three of my gorgeous, obscenely expensive, pearly whites are sitting in my hand, lodged into my Laffy Taffy. Sweet Lord, please tell me I'm dreaming!! Oh, in the name of Jesus, please tell me I'm dreaming!!

Panic floods my entire body and I do the only logical thing: shove them back on. (This part of the story is a little hazy as I was unsure if I was having another nightmare or just living out the one that continually tortures me in my sleep.) I take my kiddo back to his OT who had just finished his session and yelled "I NEED YOU TO TAKE HIM, MY TEETH JUST FELL OUT!" She was puzzled to say the least but obliged. I ran to the bathroom and looked to make sure I wasn't losing my mind completely, tugged on them to see if they would move or if I just dreamt this entire ordeal and cried when they did. My nightmare was real life! I took a moment to let myself freak out, called my dentist's emergency number and left a tearful message, then put on my best poker face. I got my kiddo back and had one of the best sessions we'd ever had.

I went to sleep terrified of what my dreams would be. The next morning I saw my dentist who put my smile back together (I may have cried when she pulled them off to fix them) and warned me of the suction-power of Laffy Taffy. Needless to say, I'll NEVER eat another Laffy Taffy. And oddly enough, I haven't had a freaky, toothy dream since!"

Can't get enough OOPS? Read more here. Be sure to check back later this week- Kristin from Talkin' with Twang is willing to share her #speechtherapyoops next!

Speech Therapy Oops! {Speech Wonderland}

Our guest blogger today? The lovely Natalie from Speech Wonderland. This #speechtherapyoops is a MUST- READ...

Hello, I’m Natalie from Speech Wonderland. Hmmm….How do I narrow it down to just one #speechtherapyoops moment to share? This is going to be tough because there is never a dull moment in my speech room! I think these moments should definitely be jotted down more frequently in a journal. Being able to glance back at times like these, could only brighten a gloomy day, and remind us why we love what we do!

Last week, I was working with one of my cute little kindergarten students with apraxia. For the sake of keeping things PG on Karen’s blog, we will henceforth write #it to describe my student’s word approximation. Please know, to decode this, you simply need to substitute a “t” for the #. Another hint, in case that was too subtle: think “a woman’s body part”.

Sitting across the table from him, he suddenly shouts, “Mi-. We-t, What i- on your #it?” I quickly shot up and thought to myself, he surely didn’t say what I thought he said. “What did you say sweetie?” I asked. He then proceeds to repeat himself “What i- on your #it?” while pointing to left of my chest. As I quickly glance down to the left of my chest, I could feel my face turning several shades of red. I was afraid to see what he could possibly be pointing to.

Ah ha, he’s just trying to figure out what animal’s head was on the left side of my shirt! (It was a horse.) Knowing that he has difficulty with speech, I had to give him the benefit of the doubt that he surely didn’t mean the word “#it”. Even though, he wouldn’t have been completely incorrect if he was identifying where that horse’s head was oddly placed on my shirt. Next, I grabbed my shirt’s sleeve and began shaking it and asking him, “What do you call this?”

“A #it!” he said again.

I instantly felt a sense of relief once I realized he definitely was trying to say the word “shirt”. This couldn’t be a more perfect time for me to introduce that “be quiet” sound. I put my pointer finger in front of my mouth and said, “Oh you mean, SH……irt! There is a horse on my SH…irt.”
“So let’s try it again, what is this called?” (pointing to his shirt this time ☺) I asked him. He proudly shouted “SHXX!” (you can fill in those last two Xs with the correct vowel and consonant) Yikes! Well, I was super excited he was able to produce that /sh/ sound so wonderfully, but I couldn’t possibly have him call his shirt either one of those names!

Unfortunately, it was time for him to go back to class. I praised him for his hard work, and told him we would work more on that “be quiet” /sh/ sound another time.

After school ended, his teacher came by my room because she heard about the word we were working on in class. She shared that when she walked him down the hallway, she asked him what he was wearing. He confidently exclaimed, “a SHXX#it” (again you can replace the 2 Xs with the correct vowel and consonant) Haha..I’m not sure that word is any better than the other two words, but this SLP couldn’t be more proud of his carry-over skills. He was already using that newly introduced /sh/ phoneme outside of my classroom!

Can't get enough OOPS? Read more here. Be sure to check back next week because Sarah from Short And Sweet Speech is willing to share her #speechtherapyoops next!

Speech Therapy Oops! {Small Talk SLP}

This week, Pam from Small Talk SLP is guest blogging and sharing her oops!


I'm Pam over at Small Talk SLP and I am happy to have the chance to share an embarrassing therapy moment with you.

One spring day about 10 years ago, I was working with a little first grade buddy who loved all things science. We'll call him Simon. His speech and language sessions were directly after school, so he often would share about things they did in the classroom that day, and this day he was telling me all about tadpoles and the life cycle of a frog. I told him that I had a pot on my back deck that had filled with water over the winter and that recently I noticed there were tiny creatures swimming in the pot. Since my office is in my home, he asked if we could go outside and see them. I said we could, so we headed out the back door. Together, we knelt next to the pot and watched the little creatures swim about. They had an interesting swimming pattern, moving about end over end like little rolling balls.
They sure didn't look like tadpoles to me!

Simon excitedly said, "They're tadpoles! You are so lucky! You have tadpoles!"

"Really?" I said, "I'm not so sure they are tadpoles. Look at the way they are swimming. I thought tadpoles swam more like fish, without doing flips."

"No, no, those are definitely tadpoles. I know it. Mrs. Jones taught me all about them."

"Hmmm. I guess we will just have to watch them and see if they turn into frogs, " I conceded.

"Miss Pam, do you think I could take some for my teacher? She would really love it if I brought her tadpoles."

"I suppose you could, if your mom thinks it's a good idea."

So Simon went home that day, with a mason jar full of water and tadpoles, and promptly took them to school the next morning.

About a week later, I got a call from Simon's mom. She was laughing so hard that she could hardly speak, but finally she said she had a story to tell me. She said that she just got off the phone with Simon's teacher.  Mrs. Jones said, "Susan, you know it's teacher appreciation week. All the kids bring me things like coffee gift cards and flowers, but your son brought me tadpoles. I thought it was rather odd, but sweet of him to think I'd like them. We've been watching the tadpoles swim around all week. Well, today while the class was out of the room for lunch, those "tadpoles" hatched into mosquitoes! We came back to a roomful of flying insects and it took the janitor a half hour to clear them out of here!"

O. M. G!!!!!

I couldn't believe it! I contaminated an entire first grade classroom with a jarful of mosquitoes!

That was the LAST time I ever let a child leave my house with living creatures!

Can't get enough OOPS? Read more here. Be sure to check back next week because Natalie from Speech Wonderland is willing to share her #speechtherapyoops as well!

AAC Carryover

I have some non-verbal children on my caseload who rely on AAC to communicate.
For these children, carryover at home is so essential- but it can often be tricky to find ways to explain to a parent how to best incorporate language modeling and AAC use into everyday activities.

As SLPs, we know that language modeling can occur around ANY and EVERY activity. That's the wonderful thing about it. AAC should be simple- and helpful!

I know you'll be super excited about this packet. It provides simple language enrichment activities that can be used all year long!

You can mark the level the child is communicating at (i.e. single word level, simple phrases, or simple sentences).
This packet is perfect for the non-verbal or minimally-verbal children on your caseload. It can be used for children who communicate using either aided (i.e. AAC) or unaided (i.e. signing) methods of communication.
Core Vocabulary targeted on Seasonal Language Handouts: (1) want, all done, more, stop, go; (2) help, mine, in, out, turn; (3) up, down, on, off, play; (4) like, make, get, put, it; (5) open, close, look, little, big
Each vocabulary list (1-5) comes with a handout for fall, winter, spring, & summer.
In addition, (2) “Daily Language Carryover Activities” are provided.

Oh... p.s.- this no prep packet is low ink! Be sure to check it out. You can purchase it here at my TPT store.


Speech Therapy OOPS! (Speech to the Core)

This week, one of my blogging BFF's is going to share her #speechtherapyoops with you! Lyndsey from Speech to the Core says:
Have you ever had a big OOOOOPS in therapy? What about professionally? Take a moment and think about what could possibly be your worst nightmare come true professionally...Now, keep on reading and see if what you imagined can top this...

It all started on a sunny day in Florida. It was May. It was the Annual FLASHA Convention in Orlando. I was preparing to present to a crowd of people. Wait...Not only was I presenting, but I was presenting with the big Kahuna, the Speech and Language Program Planner for my district.

Everything was going smoothly (for the first 20 minutes that is) until I couldn't get one of our video to play. The technical support team comes in, my boss keeps on speaking and we try to get the video to play.

Now, let's stop for a minute. Are you a MAC user or a PC user? If you're a MAC like me, then you know PC users shouldn't touch your computer. They just don't understand the workings of a MAC. It's just not the same. But, PC users, they think they can do it. They think they're compatible with us MAC people... Try again!!!!

Getting back... my boss is talking, telling a joke, when the tech person clicks on my photos and just keeps clicking and clicking and clicking. I say, "I don't think you should do that, this isn't a PC," She replies, "it's no problem really, we'll just find where you have the original video located and then hit play." I stand there looking bewildered because I can just tell this is not going to work. When all of a sudden.... I see a photo pop up on screen. It's like slow motion at this point. Excruciating slow motion that is. When it dawns on me that the photo on my computer is linked to the projector which means.... OH NO!!!! That photo is being displayed for all to see on the big screen. I slowly turn my head, see the photo enlarged for all to see. Everyone starts to snicker and giggle, while my boss thinks it's because she told a funny joke. Um..not quite!!

The tech person had displayed a whole screen of tiled pictures from my bachelorette party. And let's be real here...I didn't have the most PG-Rated Bachelorette Party. Now you may be thinking, why would I voluntarily share this information. Well, considering my mom was at my Bachelorette party and now an entire room full pf people, plus my boss have seen the pictures, what's the point in holding back?!!  If you think I'm nuts and actually going to share the photos...hahahah! Sorry! 
Here are a few from before the craziness and then after from the Drag Show that we went to at LIPS, which was amazing and hysterical! 

Me getting read to start the party! 
Waiting for the special "guest" to arrive! 
My beautiful mom and I at the party! 

So, lesson learned... Don't have any pictures on your computer you wouldn't want your boss and a whole audience full of SLPs seeing!! 

I did go on to present for the next  hour and 30 minutes with a straight face! But, I couldn't wait to go and have a glass of wine after that! 

What's your biggest "OOPS"?! I'd love to hear it! 

Can't get enough OOPS? Read more here. Be sure to check back next week, because Pam from Small Talk SLP will be guest blogging and sharing her oops!
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