No Prep Articulation Packets

While I do my best to be organized, I can't deny that I have the occasional crazy morning. You know the deal- you're running late. Maybe you can't find your shoes or your car keys... or maybe your dog has decided to choose a new hiding place to avoid going in his crate.
And despite your best efforts to play radio music, donate your tee-shirts and blankets, and place Kong toys with a tempting amount of peanut butter smothered inside, your half beagle-boston-cow mix just never quite accepted that this scenario is better than the couch. And yes, I've heard the whole "make the crate seem like Disney Land and he'll love it" talk. Apparently, my dog hates Disney Land. Here's a picture of my dog, in case you were wondering why I called him "half cow". We named him Moo, and he loves dental chew sticks.
But this post isn't actually about my dog. Back to the "running late" thing. I've been creating lots of "no prep" "print & go" packets lately because, well, I have a feeling you occasionally have hectic mornings. So when you do, and you're in dire need of something quick for therapy, don't forget to stop by my store. First up: Vocalic ORegon Trail: Print & Go West Vocalic /r/ Worksheets...

This packet includes:
-1 Open-ended “My Vocalic ____ Speech Strategies” to discuss placement of articulators
-Color-a-Bison: Vocalic /r/ Isolation Worksheets: 7 total
-Cooking Pot Co-Articulation Worksheets: 4 total (1 open-ended)
-Light-the-Lantern Word Production Practice Worksheets: 7 total
-Prairie-Dog Phrase Practice Worksheets: 19 total
-”Saddle Up” Sentences: 19 total
-”Campfire Carryover” Worksheets: 6 total
-The following sounds are targeted: ar (initial, medial, final); or (initial, medial, final); ire (initial, medial, final); ear (initial, medial, final); air (initial, medial, final), er (initial, medial, final); rl (medial, final)
Next: Armor & Articulation: Print & Go Joust /s/ & /s/ Blend Worksheets...

This packet targets the following sounds: Initial, Medial, & Final /s/; Initial, Medial, & Final /st/; Initial & Medial /sp/; Initial & Final/sk/; Initial /sn/; Initial /sm/; Initial /sw/; Initial /sl/; Initial & Medial /str/; Initial /skr/; Initial /spr/; Initial /spl/ & Final /ts/
This packet includes the following worksheets:
-Color the Sound(s) Castle Worksheets: /s/, /st/, /sp/, /sk/, /sn/, /sm/, /sw/ & /sl/ (8 total worksheets)
-Let’s Joust with Simple Sound Sequences Worksheets: __a, __ e, __i, __o, __u (12 total worksheets);
__a, __e, __i__o, __u (5 total worksheets), & a__a, e__e, i__i, o__o, u__u (12 total worksheets)
-A Crown for a King: Word Level Practice Worksheets: 20 total
-Dragon EGG-cellent Phrases Worksheets: 20 total
-Abracadabra! Spellbound Sentence Level Worksheets: 20 total
-Castle Carryover Worksheets: 8 total (open-ended, finish the story)

Then: Talk Like An Egyptian: Print & Go Build Pyramids /r/ & /r/ Blend Worksheets...

This packet targets: prevocalic /r/, /br/, /kr/, /dr/, /fr/, /gr/, /tr/& /pr/
This packet includes:
-Mummy Loves To Color Isolation Worksheets (8 total)
-Jackal’s Simple Sound Sequence Worksheets (16 total: _a, _e, _i, _o, _u & a_a, e_e, i_i, o_o, u_u)
-EYE Think We Should Practice Words Worksheets (8 total)
-Pharaoh’s Fabulous Phrases Worksheets (8 total)
-Sphinx-a-lot! Sentence Level Worksheets (8 total)
-Ride-a-Camel Carryover Worksheets (8 total)

Last (for now... more products are in the works!): It's All Speech To Me: Print & Go To The Olympics /k/ & /g/ Worksheets!
Sound targeted: initial, medial, and final /k/; initial, medial, & final /g/
This product includes:
(2) A Trip to the Parthenon: Isolation Practice Worksheets (/k/ & /g/)
(6) Achilles Says Simple Sound Sequences Worksheets (VC, CV, VCV)
(6) This Is How We SCROLL! (/k/ and /g/, initial, medial, & final positions) (*yes, the creative juices were flowing when I titled these worksheets)
(6) Philosophical Phrases (/k/ and /g/, initial, medial, & final positions)
(6) Chariot Challenge Sentences (/k/ and /g/, initial, medial, & final positions)
(6) Speech Therapy is Zeus-ful Carryover Worksheets (open-ended)
My kids are absolutely loving these worksheets, and I know you'll love the fact that you can literally print & be prepared for your therapy session!
So have fun journeying back in time with these exciting low ink and no prep packets! Don't forget to stop by my store on January 7th, 2015 for the huge #SLPmusthave sale! Until next time,

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