What's In Your Cart? Linky Party (hosted by Speech Room News)

Wahoo, it's time for another sale over at Teachers Pay Teachers!
I'm super pumped to link up again with Jenna at Speech Room News for a "What's In Your Cart? Linky Party!"

On February 25th, EVERY item in my TPT store will be 20% off. You can then get an additional 10% off from TPT- just make sure to use the code HEROES.
I'll start off by letting you know what's in my cart, and also offer some suggestions for fantastic products that I already own!
The first item in my cart: "No Print Spring Time Fun: Expressive and Receptive Language" by The Speech Owl!

This product is NO PREP and NO PRINT... so it can be used either on your IPad or computer screen. It targets a variety of language concepts, including categories, pronouns, and multiple meaning words. It looks awesome!

The next item in my cart is "Phonological Awareness K-1 Quick Warm Ups" created by Christy Jones.
I have a lot of kiddos needing to work on these skills! This product looks great!

Here are some more products I highly recommend!
I had the pleasure of proofreading "Following Complex Directions: ~Spring ~500" by GoldCountrySLP, so I know it is a fantastic resource.
I'm seriously pumped about this product and can't wait to break it out next month. A TON of my kids are working on following directions with all sorts of embedded concepts, and this product offers a lot of versatility. There are theme-based picture pages with 4 rows of visuals, and then pages of verbal instructions for the SLP to read to the student.

Another product of GoldCountry SLP that I MUST mention: "Mystery Pictures for Speech & Language Spring". This packet just looks so fun and seriously- what a creative idea! Also... it's no prep, so that is always great when you are rushed for time!

The last product I'm going to recommend that you snag during the great sale is Daily Routines Language Unit by Speechasaurus!

This product is WONDERFUL for targeting sequencing, and can also be used to work on Wh-questions, following directions, and pronouns.

While you're shopping, let me tell you about a few of my newest products that I am SUPER excited about!
Please be sure to check out my "You-Can Social Skills" packet- I know you'll love the fact that it's no prep and low ink. You'll be able to target a variety of pragmatic skills with a feathery theme.

I'm also so, so excited about "Liberty and Language: Colonial Times Receptive & Expressive Language" ! This packet targets a variety of concepts, including sequencing, following directions, and past tense/ future tense verbs. Be sure to check it out!

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AAC 101: Just Plug It In First

I don't know about you, but jumping into the high- tech world of augmentative & alternative communication was a little bit daunting for me.
I'll admit there's been a time or two I couldn't figure out why something wasn't working. A crock pot, let's say.
My brilliant husband, who is seriously Mr. Fix-It, usually asks a very important question before he even glances in the direction of the supposedly broken device.
"Is it plugged in?"
Okay, let's fast forward a couple of months. I'd completed an evaluation, and the eagerly anticipated device for one of my kiddos had arrived and was sitting on my desk. It was now time to program it. Having been to the course and learned multiple impressive and advanced skills ranging from selecting and programming core vocabulary to locking the device, I calmly told myself: "I've got this."
My heart began to pound very quickly when I opened the cardboard box and began unraveling all of the pieces of plastic surrounding the device and accessories... because it was then I realized: they actually did not go over in the course how to plug the charger into the device. Apparently, this is the step that is even before the "AAC for Dummies". It is maybe just assumed that you would know this.
I did not, but I am proud to say that I figured it out without even having to call the company's tech support.
Crisis averted! And in case you're wondering where to look... the hole to plug in the charger was on the back of this particular device, in the middle.
Okay, but in all honestly, in the weeks that have passed, I'm growing more confident by the day with AAC- and super excited, too! My kids are starting to make progress, and it's an exciting journey. If you've got some kiddos on your caseload that you think would benefit from AAC, here is my advice to you:
1: Go to Continuing Education
Here is a picture of me, sitting at a LAMP course back in October and learning a TON of valuable information. I also wore my incredibly stylish shoes to this event, as you can see from my horribly edited and blurry photo. By the way, if you're interested in learning about the course I went to, just visit this website: http://www.prentrom.com/. Let me add that I am not an employee of, or getting paid in any way, to give a shout out to this company. It was just an excellent CEU course that I attended and feel the need to tell my fellow SLP sistas (and brothers!) about.

2: Learn From Others
Lindsey Cargill was the speaker at the course I went to, and was AMAZINGLY inspiring. I found a video of a snapshot of one of her therapy sessions on Youtube, and it's a must-watch. Another incentive: that little boy is adorable. I mean- seriously!

3: Believe In Yourself
Here's the biggie. You know more than you think you do. You're already a rock star at language development. You understand the progression, you understand how to be creative in therapy. In the next few weeks, I'll be sharing some of the fun- and simple- ways I've been using AAC in my therapy room.

4: Believe In Your Patient/ Student
This goes without saying, but it's astonishing to me just how quickly many of my patients have demonstrated progress once given the appropriate tools for success. That high- tech device might actually more daunting to you than it is to your patient!
More AAC posts are in the works!Don't miss a post! Be sure to Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Until then, just remember... plug it in first.

For the LOVE Of Speech! Blog HOP!

I'm so excited to participate in the "For the LOVE of SPEECH" Blog Hop, hosted by Speech to the Core and The Speech Owl!

This is the perfect way to grab some FREEBIE speech therapy Valentine's Day materials, and also learn about some great paid TPT products along the way!
First off, I'd like to share my "Following Directions" Valentine's Day Freebie! You can snag it here!
Simply print out the cards, cut, and laminate to work on following direction skills with a super adorable Valentine's Day twist!
Now, I completely understand... you just haven't quite had enough of Romeo.
Don't worry, I've got you covered.
Be sure to check out Star-Cross'd Speech & Language: No Prep Valentine's Day Worksheets, available at my TPT store!

It is now time for you to HOP along your way and check out the next AMAZING (and FREE) Valentine's Day product for your speech therapy room! GoldCountry SLP is NEXT! Just click HERE to snag her item!
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