Ireland and Northern Ireland Vacation

My husband and I recently traveled to Ireland and Northern Ireland for our spring vacation.
It was such a wonderful trip! We rented a car and drove all around with two of our friends. Along the way, we tried to visit as many Game of Thrones sights as possible (we are obsessed!) We flew in and out of the Shannon Airport.
Our first stop: Cliffs of Moher.
If you haven't been... it's a must see. It was incredibly beautiful. It was also very windy (we went in the beginning of April), so dress appropriately!

Our next stop was Galway. While there, I stopped by the Hall of the Red Earl, an archaeological site in the middle of the city.

We loved Galway. There were great pubs, restaurants, and more!
Once back on the road, we couldn't help but stop sometimes to just enjoy the scenery. It's green and beautiful and we saw TONS of sheep!

We stopped to check out this beautiful waterfall (Boho Cave) where some scenes with Beric Dondarrion were shot in Game of Thrones.

Continuing on with more Game of Thrones stops, we visited Downhill Beach (scenes of "Dragonstone" were filmed here):

...and we of course stopped at the Dark Hedges (aka "The King's Road" for all of you GOT fans).

We visited Castle Ward, aka "Winterfell".

Last but not least, we stopped in Dublin. We visited the Guinness Factory and stopped by Christ Church Cathedral. I was super excited to find that the costumes from The Tudors were on display here!

I hope you all had a restful spring break! It was a terrific vacation, and now it is good to be back home with our pup! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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