Homework Hotline Linky Party (Hosted by Gold Country SLP)

A special thank you to Gold Country SLP for hosting this wonderful linky party!
The end of the school year is fast approaching, and many of you are probably hoping to get some carry-over packets together for your kiddos to work on over the summer!
I'd like to share a few of my black ink only products that I KNOW you will love!
First of all, be sure to check out my newest grammar packet, Grilling & Grammar: Summer Syntax Worksheets.

My kids are LOVING this so far in therapy. This packet targets so many areas, including pronouns, matching a sentence to an illustration, plurals, past tense, noun- verb agreement, adjectives, and forming sentences!
Next up? All Inclusive Apraxia! This packet is perfect for all of your kiddos needing more practice with CV, VC, CVC, and CVCV sound sequences. I also know they'll have tons of fun with the pretend play/ movement ideas that included!

Last but not least... the summer is the PERFECT time to get your kids into reading.
I remember staying up late over my summer breaks with my flashlight just trying to read one... more... chapter!
I've been using my Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling Book Companion with a bunch of my older elementary/ middle school aged kids. Each week, they have all requested 1) to take the worksheets home with them and 2) to read more about Harry next week!
This packet is HUGE (nearly 400 pages), and targets a variety of goals, including answering comprehension questions, providing definitions for target words, providing synonyms or antonyms for target words, utilizing the correct pronoun, forming sentences, naming items in categories, object function, sequencing, and inference skills. There's also "extra" worksheets included to target open- ended articulation practice, comparing and contrasting, and more.
This has been one my favorite products that I've created- ever. I use it every week. You won't want to miss this.

Please note: I am in no way affiliated with the book or author. You MUST first purchase “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” (by author J.K. Rowling) in order to use this product. This product is not a stand alone product.
Well, thanks for stopping by, and hopefully I've provided some ideas for your summer home programs!
Make sure to stop back at the Gold Country SLP's website to check out some more awesome products!

What's In Your Cart? Linky Party (Hosted by Speech Room News)

Wahoo, another HUGE TPT sale! That means it's time to shop! There are great deals to be had.

A special thank you to Speech Room News for hosting this fun linky party! It's such a great way to find out about some wonderful products.

My entire store will be on sale, as will many other sellers. Just make sure to use the code: ThankYou while checking out for an even better deal!
I've got a few products I just must tell you about from my store.
First up, for all of your grammar kiddos, is my newest packet: Grilling & Grammar: Summer Syntax Worksheets. Don't have access to a color printer? No worries. This packet includes low ink worksheets that target a variety of grammar and syntax areas including pronouns, matching a sentence to a picture, regular plurals, regular past tense, irregular past tense, noun-verb agreement, adjectives, and sentence formulation! You will LOVE it.

Here are a few sample pages to check out:

I also want to share my newest apraxia product with you. All Inclusive Apraxia is low ink and no prep.
These worksheets target VC, CV, CVC, and CVCV sound sequences. In addition, you'll love the speech strategies check mark pages and the movement/ pretend play ideas that are also included!

Here are some sample worksheets:

Now I must tell you what's in MY cart! I'm so excited about these products, they look amazing!

First up is "Flip Floppin' Into Summer" by Speech to the Core.

I'm excited to try out an interactive, no print product! It also looks very versatile- it targets a variety of areas, including rhyming, categories, and following directions. Be sure to check it out!

Next up: Baseball Mania! High Interest Passages for Auditory & Comprehension by The Speech Space!

This product is created with the upper elementary/ middle school age range in mind. I've got some kids on my caseload that are going to LOVE this.

The third product in my cart that I'm super excited about? RTI Response To Intervention for Speech Language Pathologists by Speech Dreams! This looks like a fantastic resource! I can't wait to purchase this one, I think I will get a ton of use out of it!

Last but not least?

Baseball Themed Language Activities by Speechasaurus!
I have a lot of kids working on category and describing skills, so this set looks perfect!
Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping, Speechies and Teachers!
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