What's In Your Cart? Back to School! Linky Party Hosted by Speech Room News

It's getting closer and closer to the start of the school year!
I've loved my experience working in the outpatient pediatric world, but recently accepted a position at an elementary school.
Since I'm about to get back in the school setting in a few weeks, this "back to school" sale is super exciting for me. I have a TON of products in my cart. Thank you Jenna over at Speech Room News for hosting this linky party. It makes it so much easier to shop! Be sure to stop back there to check out more carts!

Open-Ended Speech Therapy Ideas for Uno and Simon

When I was fresh out of graduate school and very low on cash, I was pretty overwhelmed at my CFY position.
I had multiple children with multiple needs, and not a whole lot of money to buy materials. (...Thank goodness for TPT...)
I ran to Target and grabbed some Uno cards (Harry Potter- themed, naturally, and only about $5), and also a small Simon game.
These games were portable and light-weight. Now I just needed to figure out how to use them.
Here I am, 5 years later, and I have now perfected my grab-n-go Uno (Mattel) & Simon (Hasbro) open-ended articulation games.
I created these pages on Boardmaker (check this out if you haven't yet!), and simply store them in a page protector sheet.
Grab a dry erase marker, your Uno or Simon, and you are ready to go!
I love Simon (licensed by Hasbro). Check out my other post on how to use the Full Size Simon in your therapy session.
This game is great for targeting working memory. When I'm using it to target articulation, I have the student use the prompt chosen to go with the last color they selected (even if the target was incorrect).


Back to School Fun

I was shopping with family this weekend, and on a whim, we decided to walk into a boutique toy store.
As a pediatric SLP, I knew this was dangerous, but was confident in myself that I could walk in and out of the store without purchasing anything.
I failed.
I came across a giant version of one of my favorite therapy tools, Simon (Licensed by Hasbro)! Eeeek! Apparently it's called a Full Size Simon, and after googling it when I got home, I could have saved money by purchasing it online.
So anyways...
The beginning of the school year is approaching, and I can't wait to try out the new "companion" I quickly created to go along with my new purchase.
I decided to make a little "Getting to Know You" activity to use with my kiddos...

I laminated the pages for extra durability, and so that my students can use a dry erase marker to cross off prompts after they've targeted them. If you wanted to modify this activity, you easily could. I'm thinking of creating separate pages with articulation prompts, verbs, story starters, and categories, to name a few.
Oh, and p.s.... if you are participating the Back to School SLP Internet Scavenger Hunt hosted by the wonderful Kristin at Beautiful Speech, the secret word for my post is: Simon! 

Please make sure to follow my blog with Bloglovin and just click here for more ideas on how to use this amazing game in your session!

Articulation MEGA Bundle with a side of NO PREP

Oh hey there, Speechie. Hopefully you are sitting on the beach somewhere, enjoying a pina colada, and not thinking about IEPs (because it is summer, after all). If this is what you are doing, please take a sip for me.
But if not, and you're on the prowl for some ideas for articulation therapy, you'll be glad you stopped by.
I've finally gotten around to putting together this bundle. I've dreamed about it for awhile, I have to admit. It's been on the consonantly growing "to do" list. Check.
Perhaps you've had the chance to read about how much I love history, and perhaps not.
Regardless, I'm super pumped because my dream has come true- I have finally merged my love of nerdom history with articulation therapy.
Therefore, it is now possible for you to: visit the Middle Ages, travel the Oregon Trail, visit Ancient Greece, meet a gladiator in Ancient Rome, and unwrap (or, well, at least color) a mummy in Ancient Egypt... all without the use of a color printer!
Begin your travels into history with targeting sounds in isolation...


My Smashing Stammering (Stuttering) Packet

I don't know about you, but there's a few things I absolutely love:
• fun therapy sessions
• traveling
• London
& • Kate Middleton's hair
While I honestly can't help anyone with the glamorous, camera- ready hair (although I have mastered the fishtail braid!), I can at least help you out with the first item on my list.
If you have kiddos with fluency disorders on your caseload, I know you'll adore this British- themed packet I've created.
Check it out:
Finish the Rhyme
Your students will definitely laugh while finishing these British-themed rhymes using slow, easy speech. I was super excited that the word "loo" is so easy to rhyme with...

Word, Phrase, & Sentence Practice
Practice normal speech, abrupt glottal attacks, and using “easy” + “gentle” speech with these British- themed prompt cards. Begin with the word level task cards, and advance to phrases and then sentences for more of a challenge.

Provide Feedback & Encourage Self- Monitoring
Encourage awareness of bumpy speech or praise smooth speech and use of strategies using the feedback cards included.
Open-ended Worksheets Use the open-ended and writing prompt worksheets in a variety of ways. Discuss the emotions of stuttering, fill out a silly story, and write down all of the "crown jewels"...er, I mean, all of the crown tools that can be used for smooth, easy speech!

Honestly, you'll love this packet!

Purchase it here at my TPT store. Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to follow my blog with Bloglovin
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