Articulation MEGA Bundle with a side of NO PREP

Oh hey there, Speechie. Hopefully you are sitting on the beach somewhere, enjoying a pina colada, and not thinking about IEPs (because it is summer, after all). If this is what you are doing, please take a sip for me.
But if not, and you're on the prowl for some ideas for articulation therapy, you'll be glad you stopped by.
I've finally gotten around to putting together this bundle. I've dreamed about it for awhile, I have to admit. It's been on the consonantly growing "to do" list. Check.
Perhaps you've had the chance to read about how much I love history, and perhaps not.
Regardless, I'm super pumped because my dream has come true- I have finally merged my love of nerdom history with articulation therapy.
Therefore, it is now possible for you to: visit the Middle Ages, travel the Oregon Trail, visit Ancient Greece, meet a gladiator in Ancient Rome, and unwrap (or, well, at least color) a mummy in Ancient Egypt... all without the use of a color printer!
Begin your travels into history with targeting sounds in isolation...

Journey into the unknown with simple sound sequences (why, hello there, childhood apraxia of speech...)

Break out the chariots (or crayons, whatever) with word and phrase practice...
Laugh while practicing amusing history- themed articulation targets at sentence level...

...and then look on in amazement as your student somehow merges video game characters with a story starter based on the Wild West (aka practice articulation in carry-over tasks).
I am so, so in love with this packet that you can purchase here at my TPT store.

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