My Smashing Stammering (Stuttering) Packet

I don't know about you, but there's a few things I absolutely love:
• fun therapy sessions
• traveling
• London
& • Kate Middleton's hair
While I honestly can't help anyone with the glamorous, camera- ready hair (although I have mastered the fishtail braid!), I can at least help you out with the first item on my list.
If you have kiddos with fluency disorders on your caseload, I know you'll adore this British- themed packet I've created.
Check it out:
Finish the Rhyme
Your students will definitely laugh while finishing these British-themed rhymes using slow, easy speech. I was super excited that the word "loo" is so easy to rhyme with...

Word, Phrase, & Sentence Practice
Practice normal speech, abrupt glottal attacks, and using “easy” + “gentle” speech with these British- themed prompt cards. Begin with the word level task cards, and advance to phrases and then sentences for more of a challenge.

Provide Feedback & Encourage Self- Monitoring
Encourage awareness of bumpy speech or praise smooth speech and use of strategies using the feedback cards included.
Open-ended Worksheets Use the open-ended and writing prompt worksheets in a variety of ways. Discuss the emotions of stuttering, fill out a silly story, and write down all of the "crown jewels", I mean, all of the crown tools that can be used for smooth, easy speech!

Honestly, you'll love this packet!

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