AAC Carryover

I have some non-verbal children on my caseload who rely on AAC to communicate.
For these children, carryover at home is so essential- but it can often be tricky to find ways to explain to a parent how to best incorporate language modeling and AAC use into everyday activities.

As SLPs, we know that language modeling can occur around ANY and EVERY activity. That's the wonderful thing about it. AAC should be simple- and helpful!

I know you'll be super excited about this packet. It provides simple language enrichment activities that can be used all year long!

You can mark the level the child is communicating at (i.e. single word level, simple phrases, or simple sentences).
This packet is perfect for the non-verbal or minimally-verbal children on your caseload. It can be used for children who communicate using either aided (i.e. AAC) or unaided (i.e. signing) methods of communication.
Core Vocabulary targeted on Seasonal Language Handouts: (1) want, all done, more, stop, go; (2) help, mine, in, out, turn; (3) up, down, on, off, play; (4) like, make, get, put, it; (5) open, close, look, little, big
Each vocabulary list (1-5) comes with a handout for fall, winter, spring, & summer.
In addition, (2) “Daily Language Carryover Activities” are provided.

Oh... p.s.- this no prep packet is low ink! Be sure to check it out. You can purchase it here at my TPT store.

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