Speech Therapy Oops! {Small Talk SLP}

This week, Pam from Small Talk SLP is guest blogging and sharing her oops!


I'm Pam over at Small Talk SLP and I am happy to have the chance to share an embarrassing therapy moment with you.

One spring day about 10 years ago, I was working with a little first grade buddy who loved all things science. We'll call him Simon. His speech and language sessions were directly after school, so he often would share about things they did in the classroom that day, and this day he was telling me all about tadpoles and the life cycle of a frog. I told him that I had a pot on my back deck that had filled with water over the winter and that recently I noticed there were tiny creatures swimming in the pot. Since my office is in my home, he asked if we could go outside and see them. I said we could, so we headed out the back door. Together, we knelt next to the pot and watched the little creatures swim about. They had an interesting swimming pattern, moving about end over end like little rolling balls.
They sure didn't look like tadpoles to me!

Simon excitedly said, "They're tadpoles! You are so lucky! You have tadpoles!"

"Really?" I said, "I'm not so sure they are tadpoles. Look at the way they are swimming. I thought tadpoles swam more like fish, without doing flips."

"No, no, those are definitely tadpoles. I know it. Mrs. Jones taught me all about them."

"Hmmm. I guess we will just have to watch them and see if they turn into frogs, " I conceded.

"Miss Pam, do you think I could take some for my teacher? She would really love it if I brought her tadpoles."

"I suppose you could, if your mom thinks it's a good idea."

So Simon went home that day, with a mason jar full of water and tadpoles, and promptly took them to school the next morning.

About a week later, I got a call from Simon's mom. She was laughing so hard that she could hardly speak, but finally she said she had a story to tell me. She said that she just got off the phone with Simon's teacher.  Mrs. Jones said, "Susan, you know it's teacher appreciation week. All the kids bring me things like coffee gift cards and flowers, but your son brought me tadpoles. I thought it was rather odd, but sweet of him to think I'd like them. We've been watching the tadpoles swim around all week. Well, today while the class was out of the room for lunch, those "tadpoles" hatched into mosquitoes! We came back to a roomful of flying insects and it took the janitor a half hour to clear them out of here!"

O. M. G!!!!!

I couldn't believe it! I contaminated an entire first grade classroom with a jarful of mosquitoes!

That was the LAST time I ever let a child leave my house with living creatures!

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