Speech Therapy OOPS! (Speech to the Core)

This week, one of my blogging BFF's is going to share her #speechtherapyoops with you! Lyndsey from Speech to the Core says:
Have you ever had a big OOOOOPS in therapy? What about professionally? Take a moment and think about what could possibly be your worst nightmare come true professionally...Now, keep on reading and see if what you imagined can top this...

It all started on a sunny day in Florida. It was May. It was the Annual FLASHA Convention in Orlando. I was preparing to present to a crowd of people. Wait...Not only was I presenting, but I was presenting with the big Kahuna, the Speech and Language Program Planner for my district.

Everything was going smoothly (for the first 20 minutes that is) until I couldn't get one of our video to play. The technical support team comes in, my boss keeps on speaking and we try to get the video to play.

Now, let's stop for a minute. Are you a MAC user or a PC user? If you're a MAC like me, then you know PC users shouldn't touch your computer. They just don't understand the workings of a MAC. It's just not the same. But, PC users, they think they can do it. They think they're compatible with us MAC people... Try again!!!!

Getting back... my boss is talking, telling a joke, when the tech person clicks on my photos and just keeps clicking and clicking and clicking. I say, "I don't think you should do that, this isn't a PC," She replies, "it's no problem really, we'll just find where you have the original video located and then hit play." I stand there looking bewildered because I can just tell this is not going to work. When all of a sudden.... I see a photo pop up on screen. It's like slow motion at this point. Excruciating slow motion that is. When it dawns on me that the photo on my computer is linked to the projector which means.... OH NO!!!! That photo is being displayed for all to see on the big screen. I slowly turn my head, see the photo enlarged for all to see. Everyone starts to snicker and giggle, while my boss thinks it's because she told a funny joke. Um..not quite!!

The tech person had displayed a whole screen of tiled pictures from my bachelorette party. And let's be real here...I didn't have the most PG-Rated Bachelorette Party. Now you may be thinking, why would I voluntarily share this information. Well, considering my mom was at my Bachelorette party and now an entire room full pf people, plus my boss have seen the pictures, what's the point in holding back?!!  If you think I'm nuts and actually going to share the photos...hahahah! Sorry! 
Here are a few from before the craziness and then after from the Drag Show that we went to at LIPS, which was amazing and hysterical! 

Me getting read to start the party! 
Waiting for the special "guest" to arrive! 
My beautiful mom and I at the party! 

So, lesson learned... Don't have any pictures on your computer you wouldn't want your boss and a whole audience full of SLPs seeing!! 

I did go on to present for the next  hour and 30 minutes with a straight face! But, I couldn't wait to go and have a glass of wine after that! 

What's your biggest "OOPS"?! I'd love to hear it! 

Can't get enough OOPS? Read more here. Be sure to check back next week, because Pam from Small Talk SLP will be guest blogging and sharing her oops!

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  1. Oops is right!! Well, you pulled yourself together and finished the presentation, kudos to you! That had to put you back in the good graces of your boss :-)


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