Speech Therapy Oops! {Short and Sweet Speech}

This week, Sarah over at Short and Sweet Speech is going to share her #speechtherapyoops with you!

"Hey y'all! I'm Sarah from Short and Sweet Speech and in the spirit of "Oops!" I forgot to send my post on time! So, first, I'd like to apologize for my tardiness during this busy time of year. Now for the real "Oops!" Let me start with a little background.. My entire life up until my senior year of college, I had an imperfect smile. Genetics had left me with gaps between my 6 front teeth. Not huge, gaps, but enough to make a girl a little self-conscious. My senior year of college I decided to finally talk to my dentist about changing this. After weighing all of the options and looking at my unique situation, we decided two bridges of crowns to go over my six front teeth were the best option. I went in, had a little laughing gas and came out with a beautiful new smile. It changed my entire face. Truly. There was one problem though.. With these gorgeous new pearly whites, I started having dreams (nightmares) about them falling out/breaking off as soon as I got them. These were the kind of nightmares where you're thinking "This HAS to be a dream right?! Why can't I wake up?! WAKE UP!" but the teeth just keep falling out and you can't wake up. I've had these beauties for 5 years now and I still have these dreams. So why am I telling you my dental history?

Fast forward to about a month ago. I'm in my last session of a 13 session day. (I work in private practice.) I'm working with one of my kiddos that is known to run and requires physical assistance in all transitions. It's the end of the day and I'm starving because lunch was 9 sessions ago and I hadn't stopped since. So, as we're transitioning from the therapy gym to our therapy room, we pass the beloved treat box. I decided to grab a Laffy Taffy (because that's a reasonable, healthy snack for any adult that's ravenous at the end of the day.) I'm helping my kiddo put his shoes back on, unwrapping the Laffy Taffy, and trying to put my shoes on at the same time. (Very sanitary eating conditions, right?) As soon as I get it out of the wrapper, I pop it into my mouth. I bite down once and I'm so happy to just have something to eat despite its nutritional value (or lack thereof.) Well, on the second chew, I notice it feels funny and think I may have gotten a piece that is old and has hardened. So, I spit the Laffy Taffy into my free hand while my other hand is holding onto my kiddo. And THERE. IT. IS. My nightmare is coming true. Three of my gorgeous, obscenely expensive, pearly whites are sitting in my hand, lodged into my Laffy Taffy. Sweet Lord, please tell me I'm dreaming!! Oh, in the name of Jesus, please tell me I'm dreaming!!

Panic floods my entire body and I do the only logical thing: shove them back on. (This part of the story is a little hazy as I was unsure if I was having another nightmare or just living out the one that continually tortures me in my sleep.) I take my kiddo back to his OT who had just finished his session and yelled "I NEED YOU TO TAKE HIM, MY TEETH JUST FELL OUT!" She was puzzled to say the least but obliged. I ran to the bathroom and looked to make sure I wasn't losing my mind completely, tugged on them to see if they would move or if I just dreamt this entire ordeal and cried when they did. My nightmare was real life! I took a moment to let myself freak out, called my dentist's emergency number and left a tearful message, then put on my best poker face. I got my kiddo back and had one of the best sessions we'd ever had.

I went to sleep terrified of what my dreams would be. The next morning I saw my dentist who put my smile back together (I may have cried when she pulled them off to fix them) and warned me of the suction-power of Laffy Taffy. Needless to say, I'll NEVER eat another Laffy Taffy. And oddly enough, I haven't had a freaky, toothy dream since!"

Can't get enough OOPS? Read more here. Be sure to check back later this week- Kristin from Talkin' with Twang is willing to share her #speechtherapyoops next!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Laffy Taffy is the worst! I swear it could pull out permanent teeth, too! Thank you for sharing!


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