Birthday Bash Blog Hop

Who doesn't love BIRTHDAYS? I'm so, so excited to be participating in the Birthday Bash Blog Hop, hosted by my friend Erin (better known as The Speech Attic). It's her birthday, and we're ready to party!

Join us on this SLP-themed Birthday Bash Blog Hop. You will snag some freebies, prizes, and giveaways along the way... and maybe just learn about some new SLP bloggers and TPT Sellers to follow!

To help celebrate, I'm sharing with you a free sample of my paid product, Happy Birthday! Speech & Language Worksheets. To download the free worksheets, click here. But make sure to come back, because the blog hop isn't over!

Thank you for visiting. Next up, stop by and see The Speech Owl!


  1. Your freebie looks awesome! Thanks for sharing! Glad we are participating together. We will have to do an Ohio hop sometime too!

  2. Thanks for sharing your freebie! :)

  3. Thanks for the fun birthday freebie!


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