February Speech Therapy

We've been busy in my speech therapy room this February!
I can't believe March will be here tomorrow. It's an exciting month, because I will get to find out my baby's gender, and it's Spring Break! I'm looking forward to relaxing with family and friends, and my husband plans to start painting the nursery. I also just might do a bit of shopping for this baby, since I'll finally know if I'm buying for a little Miss or Mister. Can't wait!
Anyways, with Presidents' Day this month, we had plenty to discuss.

I found this awesome Bald Eagle Craft and template from allkidsnetwork.com. I created a series of visual directions to go along with craft. I'm sorry- I can't make this available in my store due to copyright restrictions with images, many of which are from Google. I just wanted to show you a sample- feel free to re-create this in your own speech room. My kids find visual directions very necessary, and I also like to have a finished craft to show them as well. One of my speech groups really enjoyed describing the critical attributes of a bald eagle following the craft. It made for a great in-classroom language lesson!
In addition, I read this article with some of my kids from kids.nationalgeographic.com. I added a cool photo that I found from allbirdsphotos.com onto the article printout.

Some of my students are working on comparing and contrasting, so we took it a step further and compared the Bald Eagle article with a Peregrine Falcon article, also from kids.nationalgeographic.com.
speech therapy activities: comparing and contrasting

Next up, it was the perfect month to talk about George Washington.
I found this great Colonial Hat template from lakeshorelearning.com. The craft on their website is actually for a mask, but I modified mine and made it a hat. I didn't have cotton balls on hand, and I was just envisioning hundreds of cotton balls and sticky glue on little hands, and... well, as you can see, I decided to go with paper hair. :)
speech therapy craft idea
speech therapy following directions activity

I again created a visual directions page to go along with it, using google images (sorry, not able to share!). The AAC icons are from the LAMP app, which some of my students are using.

Next up, I talked about "what doesn't belong", categories, and antonyms. These worksheets are all from my Star-Cross'd Speech & Language packet on TPT. This packet is also included in my Holiday & Seasonal Speech & Language Bundle.
This packet includes:
  • (1) Anthony & Cleopatra’s Lovey-Dovey Speech Practice: open-ended articulation worksheet
  • (1) Lancelot’s Love Notes: Writing Sentences With Target Words worksheet
  • (1) Napoleon’s Follow-Your-Heart Directions worksheet
  • (1) Odysseus & Penelope: Wild about Wh- Questions worksheet
  • Paris & Helena’s Super Sweet Synonyms worksheet
  • Robin Hood & Marian’s Affectionate Antonyms worksheet
  • Pocahontas & John Smith: Cuddly Categories worksheet
  • Tarzan & Jane: “What Goes Together?” worksheet
  • (2) Valentine’s Day Cards for Student from the SLP (1 version is provided in black ink; 1 version in color ink)

speech therapy Valentine's Day worksheets-your students will love these fun worksheets!

speech therapy Valentine's Day worksheets-your students will love these fun worksheets!

speech therapy Valentine's Day worksheets-your students will love these fun worksheets!

Last up, it was the perfect month to tackle "Heart Idioms" from my Idiom Match packet.
idiom worksheets for speech therapy and special education

I hope your February went great. We are getting closer and closer to spring!

Carryover Articulation (American History/ Founding Fathers Themed)

Okay, I'm sure many of you have some upper elementary/ middle school articulation students who are so. sick. of. drill.
Honestly, by this age, it can be a little tricky to get some of these students motivated.
After first creating my Medieval/ Renaissance English History Carryover Articulation packet (Henry VIII + speech therapy?! yes please!!!), I had a request to make a similar packet targeting the Founding Fathers.
Done. These guys are fun to read about. I had fun doing the research for this packet.

You'll love these carryover packets because they are (1) open-ended, (2) no prep, (3) low ink, (4) your students will be engaged and (5) if you're a history nerd like me, you can actually talk history and speech therapy at the same time. BOOM.
(Oh, if you AREN'T a history nerd, no worries. You'll still love this packet).
Oh, and did I mention- each story comes with an additional worksheet with comprehension questions?
It's allowed me to use these worksheets in both articulation AND language groups. Win.

My carryover articulation packets are (so far) available in the following themes:
-English medieval history
-American history/ Founding Fathers
-Scottish history/ culture (yes, I can verify my kids LOVE discussing haggis and the Loch Ness monster!)

Many more are coming! Be on the lookout.

Winter Speech Therapy

I have totally failed in blogging recently. I've been meaning to share what's been going on in my therapy room. I've taken pictures, had lots of ideas for new products, but... it hasn't happened.
I promise though, I have a very good excuse. The reason it hasn't happened is EXTREME fatigue and nausea. Now that we have finally shared our exciting news with family, though, I can announce that my husband and I are expecting a child this summer! Wahoo! It's our first, and I think it will be quite a shock for our little fur child, Moo!
Anyways, back to the speech stuff.

December was a great time to break out some worksheets from my Christmas Speech & Language packet. Pictured is the Santa's Favorite Social Skills worksheet.
This packet also includes worksheets to target articulation, writing sentences with target words, conjunctions, following directions, wh- questions, synonyms, antonyms, categories, and more. You can also snag this one at a discount when you purchase my Speech and Language Seasonal & Holiday Bundle. This bundle includes ALL of my seasonal packets!

Next up, is an activity you could really do at ANY time of the year. One my students is on the news team, and we've been working on production of /s/, /z/ and /s/ blends. I can't even begin to tell you how motivating it has been to "rehearse" what he's going to say on the announcements in our therapy sessions. He didn't even mind taking a copy home for homework :) I was able to get a copy of the lunch menu for the month, and we went through and highlighted all of his sounds on the page.

One morning, I was in a a bit of a frenzy. I'd started the day with meetings, but wanted to do something DIFFERENT and fun with my first group. Again, I hadn't had a whole lot of time to prepare. I'd had just enough time to trace some circles for the kids to cut out. We were keeping fingers crossed for a snow day, so it seemed like the perfect time to make "Speech Blizzards" while targeting vocalic /r/!

For one of my language kiddos working on stating critical attributes and comparing and contrasting items, I dug up a few articles online about polar bears and grizzly bears. (The polar bear has a "winter" theme, at least :)!) This naturally sparked an entire conversation on which bear would win in a fight. Sigh. Also, tried to get a picture of this one on a flat surface, but my student insisted it looked great propped up against the window.

Next up, is my Speech Group "Craftivity."
My goal is usually "What fun activity can I do/ make with my kids that won't cost me a ton of money?"

This one was fun! The kids loved it, one of my students insisting it was "just so cute". Again, more polar bear conversations were sparked, but this group really wanted to know how far and for how long polar bears can swim. We even found a cute youtube video of polar bears swimming (no seal hunting included). I created a visual "follow the directions" page with core vocabulary such as "on" and "more" for my students using AAC devices. After we completed the craft, we described a polar bear by stating the critical attributes.
February has already begun, and I'll have a post on what we've been doing soon... but please make sure to check out my Valentine's Day Speech & Language packet if you're looking for some no prep, low ink way to celebrate the upcoming holiday in your speech room!
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