Baby Shower

We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of baby boy in this household! It seemed so long ago that my family and close friends were discussing plans for my baby shower, but it finally came and went! I thought I would share some memories from the special day.
The morning began with a hair appointment, followed by a quick maternity photoshoot. My sister is such a talented photographer, and I'm so excited to see the pictures after she's had a chance to edit them!
My awesome friend Eileen hosted, and put together a very special "Harry Potter-themed" day to celebrate my little one! It was so perfect and laid-back.
Another friend of mine that attended was gracious enough to let me share some of her photos from the fun event!
We had a onesie-and-bib decorating station. Guests got to draw with fabric and puffy paints directly onto the bibs and onesies, and I have to say, we have some pretty talented ladies that attended! Pictured is the onesie that won the prize for favorite (although of course I loved them all!)

Our little boy was showered with gifts and love...

Grandma created some pretty cool decorations...

Eileen put together this awesome display. I can't wait to hang up the poster in Nathan's bedroom- and I'll admit, I'm still eating the "Whizzing Worms". I'm secretly glad those didn't all get eaten.

My amazing hostess also put together this super creative "DIY photo booth" station. Not pictured: selfie stick, along with hashtags you could use for uploading on to social media. I had to get my little wizard in on the fun in this photo (not taken with the selfie stick ;-)!)

The event ended with the hubs coming to loads the presents into the car. We completed part 2 of the maternity photo shoot on this location so he could be in some pictures as well, but had to end quickly due to the rain!
All in all, it was a wonderful day, and the perfect way to celebrate the fact that this mama-to-be is only about 2 months away from meeting her favorite muggle of all!

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