What's In Your Cart? {Hosted by Speech Room News}

It's almost back to school time- oh my gosh, can you believe how fast the summer has flown by?! Okay, actually, for me it's gone somewhat slow. But that's only because I'm 39 weeks pregnant as I type this. I've been counting down the days until August! Getting excited to meet baby boy, hopefully soon!

But all that aside, I'm SO excited to link up with Jenna from Speech Room News for her What's In Your Cart? Party. Be sure to stop back after checking out my post so you can see what fabulous TPT products other bloggers have loaded their carts with!

So to begin, I'd first like to show you a few packets from my store that I know you'll love.

If you run a "speech group", you'll want to check out my "Speech Group: Receptive & Expressive Language Lessons for September" packet. It includes 2 stories with worksheets, 2 craft ideas with visual direction pages and worksheets, data collection pages, and an "at a glance" lesson plan. I use these when I go into one of our smaller-sized classrooms (approximately 7 students).

Next, be sure to check out my Preschool Print & Go: Themed Speech and Language packets. These are a great deal! Each packet includes (1) Parent Letter, (1) Vocabulary Match Worksheet, (1) Open-Ended Articulation Worksheet, & (1) Let’s Talk About… flip book, which covers the following skills:
  • WH Questions
  • Basic Concepts (i.e. different, big)
  • Following Directions (i.e. all but one, next to, second, before)
  • Grammar & Forming Sentences (plurals, past tense, noun-verb agreement & sentence shuffle)
  • Describing
  • Phonological Awareness (i.e. identifying rhyming words, generating rhyming words, identifying first/ middle/ last sound, identifying number of syllables in a word, identifying number of words in a sentence)

Okay, now let's move on to what's in MY cart!

Here are some materials from other bloggers that I'm super excited about:

This organizational packet from Sparklle SLP:

This packet looks great- it has everything you need to get organized during that back to school chaos!
Speechasaurus has this incredible Social Skills packet that provides students a framework for solving social problems they encounter in the school setting! It looks like it'll be very helpful for many of my kiddos.

My students NEED to work on vocabulary. This Tier 2 Vocabulary packet from The Speech Owl looks like it will be perfect for my caseload!

This editable SLP Planner from The Speech Attic is not only super adorable, but looks perfect to help me stay on top of all the meetings, CEUs,and lesson planning that this school year will bring.

Finally, this Listening for Details Bundle from Speech Wonderland looks like a MUST-HAVE! I am always about bundling and saving money!

Happy Shopping, SLPs! Remember- stop back at Speech Room News to see more carts!


Maternity Photos

Okay, as promised, I am excited to share a few of my favorite maternity photos! A special thank you is in order to my big sister- who also happens to be a professional photographer (Janet Miller Photo). She is truly amazing at what she does!
Now we have just around a month to go until we meet this little boy! I certainly don't want to rush him, but I'm pretty excited for him to arrive. I'm also hoping his arrival will mean the disappearance of my super glamorous cankles.

In case you missed it, you can read about my baby shower here.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy summer!
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