Christmas Speech Therapy Activities: Themed Speech and Language Ideas

The holidays are nearly here, so I wanted to share some fun Christmas speech therapy activities we've been up to in my speech and language therapy room! I've got TONS of therapy ideas for you, so make sure to keep reading and pin this post for later!

This is certainly the most wonderful time of the year. I'm hoping that you joined us for our #slpchristmashop and downloaded all of your free Christmas Speech Therapy Activities! Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@thepedispeechie) so you don't miss out on any future giveaways!

My students have really enjoyed these following directions cards all month! For extra fun, I created a gingerbread man out of construction paper. We smashed dough to create "buttons" after following each instruction. You'll love these themed cards, which target a variety of embedded concepts, and are also available in the following directions holiday bundle.

Next, we have had SO much fun working on conversational turn taking skills with my new Turn Taking and Topic Maintenance packet!

Without a doubt, this packet will get your students talking!

Make sure to follow my store on TPT to get fun and exclusive freebies sent straight to your inbox! I love sending you surprises to thank you for your support! I also choose feedback winners monthly, which I announce via TPT inbox. You can also get fun freebies and be the first to know about new product discounts and giveaways when you sign up to receive emails! My students had so much fun with this interactive reindeer packet, which targeted goals such as answering WH-questions and following directions.

Make a fun "snowball toss" game using a white lunch bag, construction paper, cotton balls, and a pipe cleaner. I cut the bag in half, then glued on a snowman head and pipe cleaner "stick" arms. Make sure to tape it to the table, because he does get a little top heavy if not! Use this as a reinforcer for a variety of goals. My students LOVED this easy to create and inexpensive activity! 

If you have a magnetic wand and chips, make a construction paper wreath and spread the chips all over it for a very simple- but motivating- way to get your students participating! 

I also have the following packets available in my store which have a Christmas or winter theme:

-Work on following complex directions with this winter-themed packet (bonus--- you can even use this in January!) 
- Your younger students will love this following directions Christmas-themed packet
-these Christmas Speech Therapy worksheets are no prep, low ink, and a target a variety of goals
-This higher-level, Holiday-themed Language Challenge packet will get your upper elementary/ middle school students thinking! 
-This quick, finish that sentence freebie is Christmas-themed! 

I need to leave you with a funny quote- but one that is oh so true, at least for me! 

Happy Holidays, and I hope you enjoyed this post on Christmas Speech Therapy Activities! Until next time, 

Free Christmas Speech Therapy Activities | #slpchristmashop

Christmas is nearly here! We are so excited to bring some festive, fun FREEBIES to your speech therapy room! Did you join us previously for our #slphalloweenhop? I teamed up- AGAIN- with some incredible SLPs to bring you some amazing Christmas-themed speech and language packets! You are going to absolutely LOVE all of these engaging materials! I can't wait! Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@thepedispeechie) and my The Pedi Speechie Facebook page, so you can stay in on the know!

We appreciate YOU and all that you do. We ask that you share the link to this #slpchristmashop blog post with your SLP friends, so that they can join in on the fun!

For our Halloween speech therapy blop hop, I wrote a story/ song about a frog named Frankie who was obsessed with candy. This time, Frankie is back! Read this as a story if you'd like- or sing! The words pair perfectly with "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" for even more holiday fun! I've included a color version and a low ink version. Please feel free to send a copy of the book home with your students! Download your free speech therapy story and follow my TPT store if you haven't already, but don't forget to come back and unwrap the rest of your presents!

Now that you've downloaded your story,  Speechasaurus created something special for you that you need to check out! Her articulation chains are going to be a hit with your students! For extra fun, grab some red and green paint and a cotton swab. Your student can dab some paint on a chain each time he or she practices a target word!

Next up, SLPTalk with Desiree created a wh- questions activity to pair with the story! Your students can attach clothespins around the wreath while answering comprehension questions. Alternatively, you could have students use the answers located on the wreath to generate questions of their own!

Are your students working on categories? Speech Wonderland created such an adorable Categories packet! It contains a booklet and game board. Trust me- these activities are going to be a hit with your students!

Next, The Speech Owl has the BEST- and I mean BEST- phonemic awareness activity for you! This is so fun. I got to proofread this one, and I promise- you'll love it! Work on beginning sounds, ending sounds, rhyming words, and syllables after reading the story!

After that, make sure you download Sparklle SLP's smash strips and sequencing packet. What a perfect way to keep little hands busy during your activity! I don't think a day goes by in therapy where I'm not pulling out a dough activity. You can use the visuals provided while reading the story, after reading the story, and for a variety of expressive language tasks!

We aren't done yet! The Speech Attic has created this fantastic Basic Concepts packet for you! Her fun freebie includes a smash mat, a mini spatial concepts book, a qualitative concepts activity, and a following directions coloring page! Seriously, you nailed it with this one. It's awesome!

We hope you LOVE your new freebies. Let us know if you enjoyed this hop! Please leave feedback for us on each product that you download, and don't forget to follow our stores on TPT.

We appreciate you- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Until next time,

Thanksgiving Speech Therapy Activities | Following Directions | Main Idea and Supporting Details

Thanksgiving is here- are you celebrating in your speech therapy room? I've got some engaging Thanksgiving Speech Therapy activities that I KNOW you'll want to try- because my students have been LOVING these!

Working on following directions? Working on main idea and supporting details? I've got you covered!

Thanksgiving speech therapy ideas

You might have enjoyed my Following Directions with Embedded Concepts Halloween packet. If so, you'll love my Following Directions with Embedded Concepts Thanksgiving packet. If you haven't checked either out- make sure to do so! These cards are such a fun way to target listening skills!

There are 60 cards in my Thanksgiving Following Directions with Embedded Concepts packet which target the following concepts:
-inclusion concepts (all, and, all but one)
-sequence concepts (first, second, middle, last)
-location concepts (top, bottom, between, next to)
-temporal concepts (before, after, then, at the same time)

In addition, there are two activity pages to pair with the cards! I'm working on the Christmas set now!

Next, I created a set of Main Idea Passages with a Thanksgiving theme. After my students enjoyed my Halloween Main Idea Passages so much, I knew I needed to create a set for November, too! Work on main idea and supporting details with this motivating packet. It's perfect for your upper elementary students!

Finally, I want to make sure you didn't miss our Thanksgiving blog hop from a few years ago. This blog hop is full of amazing freebies! Click on the link to join in on the Thanksgiving speech therapy blog hop fun!

Let's talk soon! Make sure you're following my store on TPT so you'll be the first to know about discounted new products!

Halloween Speech Language Therapy Ideas

Speech and Language Therapy 

If you're looking for some Halloween Speech and Language Therapy Ideas, you've come to the right place! I'm excited to share some of my favorite Halloween speech therapy activities and ideas with you. 
Halloween Speech Language Therapy ideas

Halloween Speech Language Therapy Activities 

Whether you're looking for some "easy to create" speech therapy activities, or some "ready to go" Halloween Speech and Language materials- you're in for a treat!

I had a request recently to create a Halloween-themed following directions packet similar to my best-selling Ahoy! Following Directions with Embedded Concepts packet. That exact product idea had literally been on my "to do" list, so I immediately got to work! These cards target following directions with inclusion, sequence, location, and temporal concepts. There are single step and two-step directions. I have so many students working on this goal, I'll probably end up making a Thanksgiving version as well! Stay tuned! :)

If you have upper elementary students working on stating the main idea or details of a passage, you MUST, MUST, MUST check out my Halloween-Theme Main Idea and Details packet. Your students will love reading all of these spooky stories that cover creepy, crawly topics (including Frankenstein, vampires, and witches!). It also includes a fun "main idea web" page for your student to write the main idea and details of the selected passage. Answer keys are included.

If you have students working on creating sentences with conjunctions, this next packet is a must! One buyer left a review that these worksheets kept students engaged. My students certainly have loved these!

Now, I have to share a few other "ideas" with you. Here are some activities we've been doing in my speech room! Make sure you're following me on Instagram (@thepedispeechie), because I am constantly sharing my favorite ideas and activities!

If you use the Expanding Expression Toolkit (copyright Sara L. Smith), try this activity. Read "It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!" (by Laura Numeroff) to your students. Then, describe a pumpkin using the beads. I also created a quick "dough smash mat" in Boardmaker to discuss the emotions of each pumpkin. This is not available in my store, but feel free to recreate the activity!

My students working on conversational turn taking skills have really enjoyed this "Social Skills Tree" game that I created. Laminate the tree so you can write in a new topic. Each time we pulled a "change the topic" leaf, I wrote the new topic we selected on the tree.

We also have had so much fun with this spider web spinner! You can create it using construction paper. Make sure to laminate it so you can easily write in targets. It's fun for articulation, but I used it other ways, too. You could write idioms on the web, or place target flash cards around the web.

I'm pretty pumped about this other spooky-themed idea for connecting sentences/ sentence parts using conjunctions! I bought this skeleton at the Dollar Tree. It's waaaay more fun to have the skeleton hand select the correct answer! Just hang him up on your board (or throw him on a table) and grab some sticky notes. Sticky notes just might be the best invention EVER.

Last but certainly not least- I hope you didn't miss our #slphalloweenhop, which included FREE Halloween themed speech therapy activities! You can grab TONS of great freebies to use by checking out my previous blog post.

Talk soon and don't forget to follow me on TPT for fun and engaging materials!

Free Halloween Speech Therapy Activities

Alright, it's no secret: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It comes as no surprise, then, that I LOVE incorporating this holiday (whenever possible) into my speech and language therapy sessions. This year, I teamed up with a group of incredible SLP bloggers and TPT authors to create some FREE Halloween Speech Therapy Activities for you. All of the heart/ pumpkin emojis, because these Halloween speech and language activities are AMAZING.

free halloween speech therapy activities

If you follow me on Instagram (@thepedispeechie), tune in for this hop on October 9th, 2017. If you can't, or you're reading this too late and missed it- no worries! I've got everything you need in this blog post.

Free Speech Therapy Story and Song

First, I wrote a story about a Halloween frog. It's actually a song, if you're willing to have a little fun and sing to your students! The words pair perfectly to "Down by the Banks of the Hanky Panky".

You can download this free speech and language story here. While you're there, don't forget to follow my TPT store!

Now, here's the exciting part. I told you all about that group of AMAZING SLP bloggers earlier in the post. They created a TON of awesome activities to go along with this story. I would encourage you to leave some love when you download these freebies (because we truly love hearing from you!)- and make sure to follow their stores on TPT, as well!

Halloween Themed Speech Therapy Activities

Speech Wonderland created Sensory Bin Vocabulary Puzzle Mats. I am so, so excited to use these mats with my students. They LOVE sensory bin play, so this is going to be fantastic. 

Sparklle SLP hooked you up with these smash strips. My students love all things dough, and since these strips target objectives such as expanding utterances and sequencing the story, I'll be able to take tons of data for upcoming progress reports. Those are coming up pretty soon... I'd rather not think about that, so... on to the next... 

Speechasaurus is providing you with super cute Articulation Chains! I'm loving how everyone chose a different area to target, because I know we all have mixed therapy groups! These chains target a variety of sounds, so you'll be good to go! Ah-maz-ing.

We aren't done with all of the treats yet!
SLPTalk with Desiree created such a cute packet to target WH -questions. Now I KNOW I have so many students that will benefit from this fun activity! The student will use a clothespin to select the correct answer around the lily pad board. Creative and engaging!

Working on phonemic awareness with your speech and language students? The Speech Owl has got you covered. You MUST check out this incredible packet from her- it targets beginning sounds, ending sounds, and rhyming words! Plus, it's just adorable.

Finally, The Speech Attic created these insanely adorable Basic Concept Mini Books! These low ink mini books are so fun! They cover a variety of concepts. You'll be able to use these during your session, and send some home for even more practice!

We hope you LOVE all of your new treats. Thank you for all of your support!

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