Sunday, April 23, 2017

Basic Concepts

The Basic Concepts BUNDLE is available! Wahoo! I have a lot of students working on various goals centered around basic concepts, so I wanted to create engaging resources to target this important skill. These are the concepts that students will be expected to understand all day long at school.
"Get in line BEHIND so and so..."
"BEFORE we take attendance, we'll do calendar time."
"Write your name at the TOP of the page."
I could go on, but you get the idea! Your students NEED to understand basic concepts to be successful in the classroom. Why not make learning the concepts fun and interactive?

There are activities for every season, so you'll be set throughout the year.

Each packet includes:

✔ (1) Basic concepts seasonal flip book, which targets a variety of basic concepts, including next to/ beside, same/ different, over/under, behind/ in front of, first/ second/ third, and first/ middle/ last.

✔(2) “I can… follow directions” worksheets, which target following directions (basic and multi-step) containing location and size basic concepts.

✔(1) Following Directions Prompt Page: SLP or teacher reads directions to student. Use this page along with “I can… follow directions” worksheets.

✔(2) I can… spin & find the opposites worksheets, which target basic concepts that are paired together because they are opposites (for example, hot/ cold).

✔(1) Roll It! Answer It! Time Basic Concepts: cut out the cube template provided and assemble it. Student will answer each “time” basic concept “when” question asked on the cube.

✔(3) Hide & Peek… First/ Middle/ Last: these basic concept worksheets target first, middle & last. Student will listen to each instruction to lift the correct flap before answering each question.

✔(1) Hide & Peek: SLP/ Teacher page: this page includes the flap pieces to be used on the Hide & Peek: First/ Middle/ Last basic concept worksheets. Cut out and glue where indicated. Student will lift these flaps in order to follow directions containing basic concepts.

I'm so excited to finally be able to share this interactive discount Basic Concepts Bundle with you! These activities are perfect for the SLP, preschool teacher, and special education teacher. Be sure to also check out my other discount bundles here. Also, if you're completing your CFY, I've got you covered too- here are my must have recommendations from my store for your CFY year.

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