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Movement Activities for Speech Therapy 

Do your speech therapy students need to MOVE? As we all know, exercise is a GOOD thing, and while I'm no PT/ gym teacher/ fitness specialist (and whatever other title you can come up with), I do know that kids learn best when they are engaged in an activity. Movement activities for kids can be used in your speech therapy session- with amazing results. I created a categories speech therapy packet specifically for my students that just aren't that into sitting in a chair all day. I know your students will love these activities, too!

categories speech therapy- movement activities for kids in speech and language therapy

Categories Speech Therapy Packet

Okay, so this past year, I kept reading and reading about how important it is for kids to move while they're learning. Not only will your student be more engaged (mine have!), but it truly benefits them. Kids learn best when they're moving. I know your day gets crazy and sometimes, the thought of having to "try something new" is just overwhelming. I get it. As a working mom, I'm just... tired. A lot. I've found, however, that incorporating simple movement activities throughout the day not only helps my students- it helps me, as well.

categories speech therapy- movement activities for kids in speech therapy. FUN!

No Prep Speech Therapy

Movement and learning go together. I believe it so much, that I've been creating packets that are entirely focused around movement-based learning. I've got an apraxia of speech packet, and a categories packet. I'm working on a whole lot more Kinesthetic Communication packets, because 1) I believe in this- strongly and 2) I want to make things easier for you. I'm a big believer in low prep and no prep speech therapy materials whenever possible, because I often find myself absolutely swamped with things to do during the day. Having materials handy that I can just print and run with make my day that much better.

This categories packet targets the following skills:
  • labeling what category a picture belongs to
  • category sorting
  • identifying items in a given category
  • identifying the item that doesn't belong in a category
  • naming items in categories
  • explaining how items are alike
  • explaining how items are different

This categories packet is available in my TPT store. You can also purchase the Apraxia of Speech Kinesthetic Communication packet for even more movement-based learning!

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be an exercise program. Please ensure that the student you are working with is able to participate in physical activity exercises and stretches prior to completing any worksheets. With any form of exercise, there is a risk of injury. Consulting with a medical professional is recommended if you are unsure if your student is able to complete any suggested tasks. All tasks suggested are voluntary.These worksheets are for educational purposes only.

SLP CFY | Articulation Speech Therapy Guide

CFY-SLP: the Survival Guide for Articulation
You've finished grad school (or are just about to finish grad school) in Speech- Language Pathology. CONGRATS! Perhaps you've just started your new position, and you're pumped to be able to sign that CFY-SLP at the end of your name. You should be proud, because this is a huge accomplishment. Soon, you'll be managing your own caseload. With this comes a set of challenges, and unfortunately, your new employer isn't going to hand you the "how to" manual. I'd like to help you out there. When I started working, I encountered some pretty challenging articulation and phonological disorders cases. I spent hours doing the following things: scouring the internet for SLP posts about various subjects, taking CEUs, asking my colleagues for help. I was overwhelmed. I had a HUGE caseload, and I didn't know where to start. There was so much information out there, but not enough time in the day.

Articulation and Phonological Disorders

I decided to create a "how to" guide. It's basically a "how to not do all the things I did" and "use what I found ACTUALLY works instead" guide, but that title didn't sound quite as catchy! In this guide I'll share my best tips on how to treat variety of articulation and phonological disorders. I'll explain my favorite ways to correct a lisp or a vocalic /r/. I'll go over in detail how I work on suppressing active phonological processes. I've had graduate students before- my goal with this guide is to provide you with the same knowledge and information that I provided to them. I'll also be brutally honest in the guide. I've made TONS of mistakes along the way. Write this one down: never, never ask a student with a lateral lisp to say the word "sit" in front of his mom. It was a very memorable session for me (and probably my patient's mom), but you know what? I learned from it. Don't choose words that will accidentally result in your student/ patient/ client cursing, and figure out how to effectively remediate a lateral lisp.

CFY-SLP Tips and Tricks for Speech and Language Therapy

My hope is that you will reference this guide, not only throughout your clinical fellowship year, but years later. This free printable is a taste of a product that is in the works, and will feature even more tricks, tips, and "DON'T DO THIS" advice for treating receptive and expressive language disorders.
I am continually learning new things. I certainly don't know it all, but I know I've made some improvements along the way. The absolute COOLEST thing ever is when you start to see your kids making progress. What we do is SO important. This entire guide is low ink, because I have this tiny worry that you might not have easy access to a color printer. So download it, sit back, and enjoy while drinking your favorite beverage. You can write CFY-SLP after your name, and that is the result of INCREDIBLY hard work. Now, please, let me help you absolutely crush your clinical fellowship year. You've got this.

Looking for some help with language disorders? The entire CFY-SLP Speech and Language Guide is available at my store.

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